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Understanding GAT+
in the Google Workspace Ecosystem

While Google Workspace Enterprise has advanced its offerings, it still lacks the comprehensive oversight that domain Admins truly desire. Enter the GAT Suite, a premier Google Workspace Management Tools, crafted to bridge these gaps. Experience a sophisticated layer of management that goes beyond the standard admin console, offering unparalleled clarity and control over both broad perspectives and minute details.

Google Workspace

Distinguishing Our DLP Approach:

Google's DLP method focuses solely on regex scanning for files and emails in storage. GAT+ offers a twofold strategy:

Targeted Scanning:

 We specifically focus on documents shared externally, ensuring the content that exits your domain is secure.

Real-time Vigilance with GAT Shield:

GAT Shield watches every webpage in real-time, allowing you to capture sensitive details on the fly – like catching school credit card details on eBay. Our approach covers more real-world scenarios, offering dynamic protection.

Comprehensive One-Click Reports:

Admins require data that's both comprehensive and accessible.

GAT+ offers you:

  • Dive deep into files shared both within and outside your domain.
  • Eight unique perspectives on Drive data for a complete understanding of your Google Workspace Drive activity.
  • Advanced search capabilities, from metadata to file content.
  • Schedule reports and receive powerful overviews with pre-processed data.

Use Cases

Efficient Onboarding and Handling of Departing Employees' Data:

The dynamic nature of businesses often means frequent onboarding and offboarding of employees.

GAT+ streamlines these transitions. From customizing email signatures for new joiners to swiftly locating and managing files an outgoing employee shared, GAT+ ensures smooth and secure transitions.

Whether it’s retaining critical shares or revoking unwanted ones from departing employees, these essential operations are accomplished with just a few clicks, ensuring business continuity without compromising on data security.

Delete Spam Email:

The digital business world is not immune to threats, with spam being a prevalent one.

Suppose a deceptive email finds its way into your domain. GAT+ empowers you not just to locate this threat across mailboxes, but also to eliminate it swiftly.

With GAT+’s proactive alerts, minimize the chance of such disruptions, turning potential threats into manageable challenges.

See your Domain Connections:

Modern enterprises collaborate with multiple external partners, making it crucial to visualize all these digital interactions. GAT+ offers a comprehensive view of all domains you’re interacting with at the click of a button.

Understand your collaboration patterns, ensure the security of these interactions, and optimize business partnerships in today’s interconnected digital landscape.

View User Activity by the Minute:

In a fast-paced business environment, real-time insights into employee activity are crucial.

GAT Shield offers detailed, minute-by-minute reporting, helping enterprises understand user engagement, ensure optimal utilization of digital resources, and maintain stringent compliance standards.

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We uphold the highest security standards and ethics in our operations. Your data privacy is of paramount importance to us, and our tools are designed with that ethos in mind.

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