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Empower Users with Auditing Abilities Without Elevating Them to Super Admin Status.

Navigate the fine balance of auditing without compromising on security. Assign selected users the power to audit others, without granting them full access to the Admin Console.

With GAT+, you can give detailed auditing abilities while keeping tight control over who has those permissions.

Benefits of Using Delegated Auditors Functionality in GAT+:

Enhanced Security:

  • Controlled Access: By limiting the number of Super Admins, you’re reducing the potential access points for breaches, ensuring only the right individuals have elevated permissions.
  • Dedicated Oversight: Assign monitoring tasks to trusted members, ensuring that activities are watched closely without giving them full Super Admin rights.


  • Customizable Permissions: With GAT+, tailor the auditing rights to suit your organization’s structure and needs. Whether you want a department head to monitor their team or a senior manager to oversee multiple departments, GAT+ offers the flexibility to set it up.
  • Scalability: As your organization grows, easily adjust and expand the auditing scopes without overhauling the system.


  • Focused Monitoring: By delegating auditing tasks, you allow specific users to focus solely on monitoring activities. This ensures that potential issues are spotted and addressed promptly.
  • Streamlined Admin Operations: Free up your main admin team from routine monitoring tasks, allowing them to focus on other critical administrative duties.

How to Delegate Google Workspace Auditing Rights to Non-Admins?

Large Google Workspace domains often need to keep the number of Super Admins low because of the wide control they have.

Super Admins can access and manage everything in the Admin console and Admin API. But, what if you want to give someone the power to audit like a Super Admin without giving them all the Super Admin rights?

GAT+ has the answer. With our Delegated Auditors feature, we make it easy for big domains to do just that.

How to Set Up Auditing Delegation:

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