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The Best Google Workspace
Management Tools

Unlock the full potential of your Google Workspace with the best management tools. Ideal for any business size, these tools streamline your digital operations and safeguard your data, ensuring a seamless and secure Google Workspace experience
Google Workspace Mgmt Tool

The Best Google Workspace Management Tools

Unlock the full potential of your Google Workspace with the best management tools. Ideal for any business size, these tools streamline your digital operations and safeguard your data, ensuring a seamless and secure Google Workspace experience.

Google Workspace Mgmt Tool

A complete guide to the best Google Workspace Management Tools

In today’s fast-paced business environment, managing a Google Workspace efficiently is crucial for any organization. A Google Workspace Management Tool is not just a convenience; it’s a necessity. These tools provide indispensable assistance in handling vast amounts of data, ensuring security compliance, and optimizing productivity across your organization. 

 They enable you to streamline administrative tasks, enforce data protection policies, and gain valuable insights through advanced analytics. As your business grows, these tools scale with you, adapting to new challenges and requirements in your Google Workspace ecosystem.

Our guide can help you compare the most comprehensive Google Workspace management tools out there.

Table of Contents

Learning the Basics: Understanding the Google Admin Console

The Google Admin Console is a fundamental tool for managing Google Workspace, providing an essential platform for basic administrative tasks. It’s designed to simplify the management of users, groups, and basic security settings through a user-friendly interface. This console is vital for everyday operations, offering an intuitive design for quick and efficient management adjustments. 

While it’s a key tool for basic Google Workspace administration, exploring additional Admin Management Software can further enhance your workspace’s functionality and security, addressing more complex needs beyond the basics.

What is a Google Workspace Management Tool?

A Google Workspace Management Tool is a comprehensive platform designed to optimize, manage, and secure an organization’s Google Workspace environment.

With the right Google Workspace Management Tool, organizations can:

  • Centralise Google Workspace Management: Offers a unified dashboard for managing all Workspace applications.
  • Customize User and Admin Settings: Tailors Workspace to meet specific organizational needs.
  • Integrate with Business Tools: Enhances efficiency through seamless system integration.
  • Streamline Administrative Workflows: Simplifies management of accounts, permissions, and security.
  • Automate Routine Tasks: Frees up time by automating user provisioning and data backups.
  • Provide Analytics and Reporting: Delivers insights into usage trends and security.
  • Facilitate Team Collaboration: Improves communication and coordination among team members.
  • Gather User Feedback: Enables continuous improvement of the Workspace environment.
Why Does Your Business Need a Google Workspace Management Tool?

Your business requires robust Admin Management Software to efficiently organize and manage your Google Workspace. By centralizing control, this tool not only ensures smooth operation but also significantly enhances data security and provides insightful analytics for decision-making.

The result is a more coordinated, secure, and productive Google Workspace environment, essential for modern digital workspace management.

How does a Google Workspace Management Tool Work?

A Google Workspace Management Tool efficiently organizes and oversees all aspects of your Google Workspace. It centralizes tasks like user account management, security settings, and data usage audits into one platform. Similar to a ticketing system, it categorizes and resolves administrative issues, ensuring smooth operation.

Additionally, it gathers data for insights into user behavior and system security, aiding in informed decision-making and optimizing Workspace performance. This tool is essential for secure management of your Google Workspace environment.

Comparison Table of the Best Google Workspace Management Tools
GAT Labs
gPanel by Promevo
Audit & Reporting
Google Drive: Global Search
Search Google Drive globally for all users using Drive Search operators.
Google Drive: Externally Owned
Report on externally owned files
Gmail: Global Search
Search Gmail globally for all users using Gmail search operators
Gmail: Activity
Report on user activity, such as no. emails sent/received
Groups: Activity
Report on Group activity, such as no. email sent/received and last used
Browsing history
View user browser history
User Activity
Monitor and report on user activity, length of time spent on sites, behaviour flow etc.
Scheduled Reports
Create custom reports and have them delivered on a recurring basis
One-Click Reports
The ability to report on Workspace activity with one-click
Delete phishing emails
Search, and delete emails from users inbox
Email Delegation
Silently delegate access to another users mailbox
User, Group, OU management
Ability to create, view, update, move etc.
Calendar Management
Manage users calendars, including ACL's, removing attendees, deleting events, and managing meeting room resources
Contact Management
Create, update, delete users personal contact lists as well as global address list shared contacts
Drive Management
Modify Drive sharing permissions, copy files, change owner
Cannot create copies
Fully composable workflows
"If this, then that" type of workflows. Fully composable functions, not pre-defined.
New user automation
Leaver automation
Event Driven Workflows
Triggered by event
Offboarding Only
Scheduled Workflows
Triggered by time
Offboarding Only
Automatically Unshare Drive files in bulk
Remove all sharing permissions from shared files in an automated manner
Ad-hoc Workflows
Manually triggered
Offboarding Only
Endpoint Protection, DLP and monitoring/alerting
Web filtering
Block access to certain websites based on URL, or content
Content Compliance
Alert, or take action on specific content when input to a webpage
Google Drive DLP notifications
Define regex rule to notify when matched content is shared, made available to customers that do not have access to Google natives own DLP (available in Enterprise)
User Downloads
Downloads tracking, alerting