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Embrace the New Era of Work with Google Workspace

Equip your enterprise for today’s hybrid work model with a Zero-Trust environment, designed for Google Workspace.

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Cybersecurity, Management & Analytics for Today's Work Model

The landscape of work has transformed. With many businesses adopting a hybrid approach after the pandemic, Google Workspace stands as the optimal platform for seamless collaboration, whether in-office or remote.

Enhance this experience with GAT+ and GAT Shield, your trusted partners in monitoring, ensuring security, and analyzing the activities of remote teams.

Modern Digital Work Requires Modern Security

GAT+ is your all-seeing eye, offering unparalleled visibility into the Google Chrome ecosystem. As remote work has become a mainstay, you need tools that can keep up. GAT provides real-time insights into user activities, generating precise reports to inform management decisions.

Our commitment? Comprehensive security. From scrutinizing external document sharing to tracking in-browser actions, we’ve got you covered.

Simplify with GAT:
The Complete Remote Work Solution

In a world where remote and hybrid work models have become the norm, organizations are faced with new challenges that require innovative solutions.
GAT+ is not just a tool—it’s a comprehensive strategy tailored to these modern work environments:

Data Leakage Protection (DLP)

In an interconnected digital workspace, information flows rapidly. GAT+ provides robust data leakage protection, ensuring that your organization’s sensitive and proprietary information remains secure.

Software License Compliance

Maximize the value of your software investments. GAT+ monitors software usage, ensuring that you’re compliant with licensing terms and helping identify opportunities for cost savings.

Adaptive Scalability

As organizations grow, change, and pivot, their technological solutions must be agile enough to accommodate these shifts. GAT+ is designed to adapt and scale seamlessly with your enterprise. Whether you’re expanding your team, venturing into new markets, or adapting to industry changes, GAT+ ensures consistent monitoring and security without hindering growth or innovation.

Superior Compliance and Auditing Standards

Navigate the complexities of data protection and industry regulations with ease. GAT+ ensures your organization remains compliant, providing you with peace of mind and fostering trust among stakeholders.

Insider Threat Detection

The threat landscape has evolved, with risks not just from external actors but also from within. With GAT+, safeguard your organization against potential insider threats through meticulous tracking and advanced anomaly detection.

Proactive User Monitoring

In an age of distributed teams, having real-time insights into user activities is paramount. GAT+ offers proactive monitoring, enabling you to address potential issues before they escalate and ensuring that your team remains productive and aligned.

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GAT+ has emerged as the top Administration & Management tool in the Google Market Place, supporting businesses as they adapt to the future of work.

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