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Experience Comprehensive Google Workspace Management and Security

Our advanced tools offer in-depth analytics, robust security measures, and simplified management to optimize your organizational operations and protect your digital assets.


GAT Feature
IT & Security Teams
Proactively protect your digital environment, reduce risks, and maintain high standards of cybersecurity compliance.
GAT Shield safeguards your Google Workspace with real-time monitoring and threat response.
With GAT Flow, automate onboarding and role assignment, ensuring a smooth start for new hires and compliance with HR policies.
Increase operational efficiency within HR tasks, allowing more focus on strategic initiatives and employee engagement.
Compliance Officers
GAT Unlock enables precise access control with audit-ready reporting, crucial for maintaining strict data governance standards.
Safeguard sensitive information and adhere to compliance protocols with ease, reinforcing your organization’s commitment to data integrity and regulatory adherence.
Management & Leadership Team
Harness the power of GAT+ to gain actionable insights from comprehensive reporting on user activities and Google Workspace usage.
Inform strategic decisions and optimize resource distribution, driving organizational growth and efficiency.
Sales and Customer Support
With GAT Flow, manage email delegation and track communication flow efficiently. Automated workflows ensure that every customer inquiry is routed correctly and handled promptly.
Faster response times, improved customer satisfaction, and a more organized sales process
All Teams
All-encompassing tools from GAT Labs provide seamless integration, security, and management across Google Workspace.
Elevate overall productivity and safeguard operations, allowing every team to work smarter and more securely.

Boost your Team’s Collaboration & Security

Effective Google Workspace management is crucial to modern organizational success and so, GAT Labs delivers a suite of tools that refines every facet of your Google Workspace

Dedicated Focus
on Google Workspace

Unlike other providers who may spread their efforts across multiple platforms, GAT Labs specializes solely in Google Workspace, ensuring expert, tailored solutions. Benefit from our deep understanding of Google Workspace’s nuances and potential, allowing us to deliver highly optimized management, security, and compliance solutions specifically designed for your environment.

Support & Training

Access a rich library of knowledge base articles to enhance your understanding and utilization of GAT Labs tools. Plus, our customer service team is always ready to help.

SOC 2 Compliance

Our strict adherence to SOC 2 standards reflects our commitment to the highest levels of security and data protection. Trust that your data is handled with the utmost care and in full compliance with industry-leading practices.

Innovative Culture

At GAT Labs, innovation is at the core of what we do. We continuously evolve our tools to meet the changing needs of modern enterprises. Regular updates and new features ensure that your organization remains at the cutting edge of Google Workspace management.

Google Workspace Insights That Drive Action

Leverage GAT Labs for flawless Google Workspace management. Enterprises gain more than advanced tools; they receive a gateway to enhance productivity, enforce security, and maintain a consistent operational flow.

Your exclusive Google Workspace management
and reporting solution.

GAT Labs offer robust features designed to protect your sensitive data and optimize your operations.

Unmatched Security

GAT Labs employs comprehensive security measures, including encryption for data at rest and in transit, meeting the highest industry standards for GDPR, and more.

Seamless Integration

GAT Labs integrates flawlessly across the Google Workspace, enabling centralized control and insights, no matter where your team works.

Centralized Billing

Consolidate all your Google Workspace management and security tools into one subscription for streamlined administration.

Admin & Access Controls

Easily assign roles, configure permissions, and manage user access with precision and flexibility.

Automate User Onboarding

Create and run onboarding workflows once, then save these action sets for future use.

Actionable Analytics

Our dashboards provide meaningful analytics, giving you clear visibility into user activities and security threats.

Effortless Deployment & Management

With GAT Labs, user provisioning and role management are automated, making account setup and transitions effortless.

Securing Data at Every Scale

GAT Labs has built a strong reputation for robust data security over the years. We are committed to keeping your data secure and demonstrate this commitment through strict compliance with SOC2 certification. By never selling your data, using it for advertising, or employing it to train third-party models, we ensure that your Google Workspace environment remains protected and private.

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