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For research purposes, I googled “AI nude images”. Within 0.29 seconds, the searcher found about 1,480,000,000 results. Most of them on the first page refer
Student data is the most valuable resource stored in the school’s domain. That’s why a data breach at an educational institution hurts so much. Internet
As we look ahead to 2024, strengthening Google Workspace Security for schools is more important than ever.  The last few years, especially since the pandemic,
Google Shared Drives Management In today’s digital era, schools rely heavily on Google Shared Drives to store and process vast quantities of data. From curriculum
Cyberbullying has become a common issue in schools, posing serious threats to students’ emotional well-being and their ability to thrive in a safe learning environment. 
In recent years, the education sector has found itself in the crosshairs of an escalating threat: ransomware attacks. The statistics are alarming—according to a recent survey, the