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Cloud-Based Chromebook Management & Monitoring for Google Workspace

Easily Track, Report, and Create Tailored Policies for Effective Chromebook Management in Your Educational Setting

  • See permissions’ settings across all content (full granular view).
  • Monitor high-risk sharing activity across users, groups and Drives (including public & ‘public via sharing links’).
  • Identify external access to files and folders, and revoke sharing violations.
  • Create customised policies to keep sensitive data safe.
  • Copy externally owned files and folders securely.

Trusted by Google Admins

Chrome management

Real-time Monitoring

Protect your school’s Chromebooks, ChromeOS devices and users by monitoring ALL activity.

Real-time alerting for inappropriate content and Data Loss Prevention (DLP), on all sites, in all locations and at all times.

Chromebook Oversight

Streamline Chromebook management with comprehensive insights.

Efficiently categorize and monitor all Chromebooks and ChromeOS devices, sorting them by model, group, or location for optimal organization.

Stay updated with real-time tracking of device locations and ensure all your digital assets are continuously visible, regardless of their current operational status.

Audit Your Google Workspace for Education

Device Management

Streamline Chromebook management with easy device control.

Easily deprovision, disable, or re-enable devices as needed.

Transfer devices between different school units, groups, or users smoothly, streamlining device management in your educational environment.

Easy Automation

Build a workflow to offboard or modify a set of Chromebooks or ChromeOS devices assigned to any user or ‘group to deprovision’.

Disable or re-enable devices in bulk by moving users to any selected OU or group easily, in seconds.

Managed Guest Sessions

Enhance your Chromebook management with detailed site tracking. Identify effective and bottleneck pages, offering ‘Google Analytics-like’ analysis even for external websites.

This feature improves Chromebook utilization and optimizes usage across various locations, ensuring efficient deployment and operation in your educational environment.

Every Single Interaction in ONE Place!

URL Filtering & Blocking

Control which websites your users can visit using policy activated website whitelists and blacklists.

YouTube Management

Report on public, unlisted or private videos. Make changes in a centralized console. Report and remove channels published by users. Create a policy every time someone uploads a video.

Monitoring & Alerting

Configure risk-based policies that automatically respond to detected issues whenever a specific risk level is reached.

Browsing Activity

See the exact browsing behaviour over a certain period of time for any user, group, class, etc. 

Investigate a specific activity for any user, on any site and at any time. See the exact device and location from which the activity occurred.

Chromebook Anti-Theft

Track and locate devices (with exceptional accuracy).

Get notified every time a device exits an approved location you specify (school premises, etc.).


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with Advanced Chromebook Management.