All-in-one Solution for Protecting Students
and Ensuring Effective Learning

Education Suite for Admins

GAT Labs equips edu administrators with robust tools designed to enhance the management and security of Google Workspace for Education. Streamline operations, and ensure compliance with our tailored solutions. Our Education Suite Includes:

Gain Complete Visibility and Control

  • Domain-Wide Insights: Conduct extensive searches across all Drive files and emails for complete visibility.
  • Risk Management: Automatically assess and mitigate risks across your Workspace environment, including all core services and 3rd party apps.
  • Proactive Alerts: Set up customisable alerts for activities related to emails, Drive sharing, application usage, chats, and more, ensuring you’re always informed of critical events.

Granular Control and Advanced Security

  • Domain-Wide File Management: Manage Drive permissions, remove unwanted email attachments, and secure sensitive data efficiently.
    Silent Data Access: Enable discreet file access and email delegation to maintain workflow without alerting users.
    Dual-Approval Security: Strengthen data protection with a mandatory dual-approval process for sensitive tasks, enforced by GAT Security Officers.

Streamlined Workflow Automation

  • Design Custom Workflows: Automate tasks like onboarding/offboarding, email signatures, and more, with triggers and conditional logic.
  • User and Group Management: Automate bulk email migrations, domain-wide signature management, and group membership
  • Enhanced Productivity: Free your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Real-Time Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Monitoring

  • The only real-time DLP solution for Google Chrome: Actively monitor and protect against data breaches directly within the browser.
  • Comprehensive User Activity Monitoring: Track students and staff activity across all devices to stay compliant and ensure a safety learning experience.
  • Instant Alert System: Receive immediate notifications about suspicious activities.

Education Suite for Teachers

Enhance your learning experience with GAT Labs. Our tools streamline classroom management, ensure student safety, and support academic integrity, helping educators to focus on what matters most—teaching. Our Education Suite Includes:

Improve Classroom Management and Student Safety

  • Classroom Insights: Get clear reports on how classes are doing to help improve student learning.
  • Chromebook Deprovision: Easily manage your class’s Chromebooks with quick deprovisioning tools.
  • Youtube Auditing (Channel Deletion): Keep YouTube use safe and suitable with tools to check and remove channels.

Enhance Online Safety and Focus in Your Classroom

Real-Time Monitoring: Watch what students are doing online during class to ensure they stay on task and safe.
Content Filtering: Block inappropriate websites and content to maintain a focused and secure learning environment.
Activity Reports: Get easy-to-understand reports on student online activity, helping you spot trends and manage classroom behavior more effectively.

Boost Engagement and Maintain Classroom Focus

Live Monitoring: See your students’ screens in real time to keep them focused and engaged during lessons.
Interactive Student Communication: Communicate with students in real time using live chat and make announcements during class. This feature supports continuous dialogue and fosters an inclusive classroom environment.
Assignment Completion Alerts: Receive immediate alerts when students submit assignments, allowing for swift grading and feedback.

Assignment Integrity and Classroom Efficiency

Detect AI-created Content: Identify attempts at using AI tools to complete assignments. Ensure students are developing their own critical thinking skills.
Monitor Homework Progress: Set submission deadlines for assignments and track students’ progress in real-time.
Efficient Grading: Quickly review, provide feedback, and grade assignments to keep up with classroom demands – all within a single, powerful tool.

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