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Empowering Educators with Enhanced Visibility and Insights.

Discover how leading schools worldwide have harnessed the power of GAT Labs for Education to achieve unparalleled visibility and provide educators with invaluable insights. 

Our comprehensive solutions serve as the bedrock of their operations, enabling them to manage and secure their Google Classroom environment confidently.

Join the ranks of forward-thinking educational institutions that leverage GAT Labs for a detailed view of students' Google Workspace activity.

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“GAT Shield allows us to check on students' activities, how much time they have spent on each website, and identify if the device is used by someone other than the student."

Discover how London Schools ICT’s network achieved a 40% workload reduction with GAT Labs, while enhancing network security and simplifying administration, especially in Google Classroom.

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"GAT has been tremendously helpful, especially with student and staff investigations."

Explore how Hillsboro School District, the fourth-largest public school district in Oregon, revolutionized their Google Workspace management and data protection strategies with GAT+, ensuring seamless data preservation and efficient user account management

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“With GAT we have better file management, better file security, and better management of inappropriate behavior - better overall account security”

Discover how Greece Central School District achieved administrative mastery with GAT Labs in their Google Admin Console, transforming student management and enhancing operational efficiency.

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"Because GAT is so easy to use, I don’t need to send anyone on expensive training courses"

EAB School’s primary objective was to strike a balance between security and flexibility for both educators and students. Explore how they harnessed the power of GAT+ to seamlessly achieve this goal, providing a comprehensive solution tailored to their unique requirements.

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“GAT was a really nice find for us - it makes things so straightforward. We have seen tools that have pieces of GAT but nothing as robust.”

Explore how Regents School, a private classical Christian K-12 school, simplifies tasks like email signatures and user management while enhancing security using GAT+.

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“Using GAT I would say we cut our diagnostic time in half with some of these issues.”

Discover how a century-old Roman Catholic seminary, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, harnessed the power of GAT Labs to streamline information retrieval, slashing diagnostic time by 50%, and fortifying their security.

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“General audit tool fills that niche very nicely without me having to spend all my life inside GAM, running scripts and commands in real-time.”

Discover how GAT Labs transformed data management at St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s, a Manhattan-based K-8 school. With Google for Education and Chromebooks, they streamlined operations, improved file management, and enhanced data security.

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“It would take at least 2 production cycles with any other company so getting this done within weeks really spoke to us about the kind of partnership that we have with GAT Labs.”

Discover how Sunol Glen USD, a 1:1 Chromebook School District in Silicon Valley, achieved real-time URL filtering, efficient Chromebook management, and seamless compliance, all while saving time and ensuring a secure digital learning environment.

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“If there were other schools facing similar challenges, I would recommend them to use GAT. It’s easy to manage and easy to set up to do a task."

Explore how the United Nations International School of Hanoi, one of only two UN Schools worldwide, enhances data security, ensures compliance, and prevents external data breaches using GAT+

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