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At GAT Labs we build tools that let you better manage, understand and secure your Google Workspace.

Tools for Admins that let them view, protect and manage the entire domain, automating tasks from daily reporting, to file permission management, from global email signature management to automated onboarding and offboarding.

Tools for Managers to let them see what is going across their entire business, from internal activity to external relationships.

Tools for Security Professionals to let them police their users’ entire cloud space through better Chrome control and enhanced by the minute reporting and real-time DLP. Our unique ActiveID solution allows continuous user verification via typing and camera, the only Chrome-based solution of its type in the market.


Global leader in Google Workspace management, auditing and security.

Our signature package GAT+ allows Admins to see their domain’s entire user Drive space as if it were an on-prem server.

We also offer a full overview of users’ email and calendar environments. 

We provide features to change permissions, move files, download email, bulk manipulate users and much much more.


Our GAT Flow package allows for the automation of nearly all Admin tasks in the Google Workspace environment.

From user onboarding and offboarding, to email signature management, GAT Flow has got you covered.


We’ve also extended our oversight and management capabilities to Chrome browsers.

 With our GAT Shield product set, Admins get global oversight of their domain users, and deploy the first real-time DLP solution for browser-based data access. 

Our product line-up has been further extended with Teacher Assist, giving teachers and schools unbeatable monitoring capabilities over remote students.

Our customer-first operations

When we say that our customers are our first priority — we truly mean it.

Here at GAT Labs, we pride ourselves on consistently operating with this mindset, channelling our daily operations towards our customers’ needs and wants.

We provide on-demand demonstrations, training sessions, valuable weekly content, world-class technical support and the most competitive pricing in the market.

More importantly, we actively listen to what features our customers want — and, when possible, build them at an impressive speed. 

You dream it, we build it!

Meet the powerful GAT Suite

The most powerful toolset yet developed for Google Workspace.

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