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Google Classroom Management

Get the most out of your Google Classroom with bulk management and unparalleled detailed reporting, covering Classroom Classwork, Classwork Submissions, Teachers
and Students. 

In addition, we have individual classroom “Insights”, covering students, classwork, grades and browsing activity.
See into the classroom as never before.

Classroom Insights from GAT+

Most of the challenges teachers face in Google Classroom are linked to ‘visibility’ — or rather the limitation of it.

With that in mind, our tool ‘Classroom Insights’ helps solve this problem by allowing you to:

  • View ALL your created classrooms, at a glance.
  • Dig up more insights into any selected classroom for things like Status, Name, ID, Teachers, Students and much more…
  • Gain a broad sense of REAL attendance and engagement, beyond the traditional log-in/off checkmark.
  • Find classwork and student submission summary.
  • See grades for each student and the class average for each classwork.
  • Track browsing activity during class (requires GAT Shield).

Teacher Assist

Powerful real-time monitoring and management capabilities for students’ Chrome browser sessions.

With our tool ‘Teacher Assist’, teachers can analyse and manage student’s screens, take quick actions to refocus students’ attention, ultimately optimizing the e-learning experience.

  • Monitor students’ screens in real-time.
  • View all tabs on students’ Chrome Browsers.
  • Close browser tabs that are irrelevant for students.
  • View browser history during active sessions.
  • Prepare the digital classroom before class starts.
  • Distribute a website to automatically open and display on some or all students’ screens.
  • Block a website from being used while class is in session.
  • Automatically allocate teachers and students to their Google Classrooms.

GAT Shield for Education

With security at its core, GAT Shield is designed to help you:

  • View the timeline of any student’s entire online activity.
  • Create alerts for bad language, specific keywords and search queries.
  • Create alerts for file downloads of a particular type.
  • Enforce automatic deletion of certain download file types.
  • Track where your Chrome devices and browsers are being used to a high degree of accuracy.
  • Escalate violations by detecting a violation string, taking a screenshot, or capturing an image of the user performing the violation.

GAT+ for Education

  • Audit, analyze and report on all YouTube channels and videos uploaded or created by your students (with the option to delete any unauthorized channel).
  • Bulk manage students’ Google Classrooms.
  • Perform complete content searches of all students’ Drives, Emails and Calendars.
  • View all third party applications installed, then set up a policy to ban or trust identified apps for your students.

BONUS: Hundreds of reports and BULK actions for school admins and management

GAT Flow for Education

  • Bulk Onboard new users automatically. From welcome emails and email signatures, to pre-loading files, pre-populating contacts and more…
  • Add students to Classrooms, Drive folders, Groups, Contacts and more…
  • Bulk Offboard leavers automatically and seamlessly.
  • Delete users from groups, wipe mobile and Chrome OS devices, and transfer files and Calendar events to a new owner, so no information is lost.
  • Bulk Modify users automatically and seamlessly.
  • Change OUs, teachers, passwords, and add students to Calendars, smoothly.
  • Set Events workflows.
  • Harvest the power of automation and build a workflow that triggers any given set of actions every time a user is added to an OU or email group.

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From easily getting those essential insights right — to taking immediate action, and staying in control
ALWAYS with real-time management capabilities.


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