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People that trust GAT Labs

Millions of users are managed and protected using GAT’s powerful auditing and security capabilities. If you’re a Google Admin, GAT is your best Workspace ally to save time and protect your Google domain from A-Z.

Sheldon B.

Director of Educational Technology.

The support is pretty spectacular and that's definitely a differentiator in the industry.
Another thing is GAT’s focus on security and data. Our metadata is stored in a safe and secure way and our users are protected. GAT has a really grounded approach and best practice management that not a lot of other vendors have.

Bryan G.

Chief Technology Officer

If I have a question or if I have a problem, I can get an answer very quickly from y’al.
Your online documentation is excellent. I really like that you follow up to ensure that our problem has been solved. Also, your new features emails are welcome and show us what could be done with GAT. Although don’t take advantage of that as much as we’d like, only because we're a small team.

Brian P. and Frank P.

Network Administrators

Google recommended GAT to us
We saw the value in it over using the standard Google Workspace Admin Console. Google Workspace and GAT were rolled out together as a single project and GAT became our ‘go-to’ from then on

Christina Brown

I have found this to be useful to monitor students within our education domain. Whenever I've had questions or issues, I have received quick and thorough help from the chat assistance.

Donovan Waege

GAT has had great customer service.
We had one feature on the teacher assist tool that distributed a student's tab to the rest of the class. After this was accidentally bumped a few times, I emailed GAT support asking if there was a way to turn this feature off, and they added a verification step within a week to the software, fixing the problem for us. They have been very responsive to email questions and have had great customer service!

Don B.

Education Management

GAT+ and GAT Shield - thoughtful organization of Google Workspace intelligence.
GAT Labs people are friendly, informed, never condescending to less technical humans. Their follow-up to routine inquiries is stellar. The GAT Labs products offer fast, easy searches of Workspace data and offers clean graphical illustrations for rich reporting, particularly for less technical people. I can't speak directly to business process integration as this is less applicable for our environment (single site elementary/middle school) but the recent addition of the Flow module allows for automation of tasks like on- and off-boarding, adds/moves/changes of employees from one to another department, and similar typical IT workflows. We're beginning our rollout of their Teacher Assist module which gives classroom teachers a method to monitor student time-on-task and manage classroom traffic, keeping students on assigned sites, pushing sites out from the teacher console, and freezing internet access when necessary. Teachers have been looking for this kind of help for a while now, particularly during 'life with Covid.'

David M.

Network Engineer

Powerful Tool for Low Cost.
From visibility into overall adoption, to detailed sharing data, to visibility into security events we have been delighted with GAT Labs. GAT+ Offers a wide range of features. All giving you deep visibility into ever aspects of your G Suite domain. It also provides the ability to take action on that data and build polices to correct things like oversharing.

Christine Shock

If you are in Education, this will save so much time and resolve so many headaches!!!
From provisioning to deprovisioning, to keeping an eye on what your students are downloading to their Google Drive to grabbing that email that your principal needs! I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of how useful this tool is!

Ron Jansonius

The absolute essential must have Swiss Army multi-tool for the GSuite EDU Admin!
Can't say enough about the tools, support, and available training! Thanks so much for a great product!

Jamie B.

IT Coordinator

Very useful software.
Helps onboarding users when switching systems to Google Workspace. Also really helps with maintaining systems once up and running.

Hugo Flores

IT Lead

Every school needs this software.
We have been able to find webpages students are using to watch movies, and play video games. The biggest benefit has been the availability to block these webpages from students without them even knowing we did it. The feature I love the most from this tool, it is the availability to get real-time results.

Kurt S.

Network Administrator

GAT is nice tool to have.
Overall they are very communicative and helpful. I am the network admin at a high school and I have found this to be very helpful as a second tool besides the admin panel for troubleshooting and other information.

Mr. Morales

Excellent product.
Once your in teacher assistant mode it is super easy to use even for the most un-tech savvy teacher.

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