Give normal users auditing powers without making them Super Admins

Assign auditing privileges to the users you choose — give them auditing scope over others. They won’t be authorized to access the Admin Console, but they’ll be able to audit other users using GAT+.

Allow School Principals and others to have complete audit oversight of their school within the district, but without the power to make changes or accidentally make modifications. Admins set the scopes as broad or as narrow as you want.

You can even create auditors for each of your school’s different departments. 

Audit Delegation

Trusted by Schools Google Admins

How to delegate Google Workspace auditing rights to non-admins?

There are many reasons why large Google Workspace domains want to limit the number of their Google Workspace Super Admins.

That’s because Super Admins have access to all features in the Admin console and Admin API. Therefore, they can manage every aspect of your organization’s account.

Currently, there’s no way of giving a user ‘Super Admin-like’ auditing privileges without making them full Super Admins within the Admin Console.

GAT+’s Delegated Auditors functionality solves this issue for big domains.

How to set up auditing delegation:

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