How to install GAT+

GAT+ is an Audit tool that by default can be installed only by the Super Admin of the Domain.

Install GAT+ #

How to install GAT+  Video

Step 1: #

First login to your domain with Super Admin Account.

Navigate to >  Google Workspace Marketplace   > You can also search for GAT+ in the search bar.

When GAT+ is selected click on Admin install 

A pop-up window will be displayed click on “Continue”. Then a new pop-up will be shown with all the permissions required.

Scroll down to the bottom.

  • Under: Install the app automatically for the following users
    • Select “Everyone at your organization”
      • Note: installing on certain groups or org. units will not give clear and accurate data stats of the domain data
    • Enable the checkmark – “I agree to the application’s terms…”
  • Click on Finish

Note: You can not install it from an incognito window unless you are signed in to your Super Admin account.

Result #

GAT+ will be installed.

When installed, click on the Goole apps button and scroll down to the GAT+ icon

This will be the initial login and the initial scan will be started.

The time for the initial scan to complete will depend on the size of the domain.

  • The number of users
  • The number of Drive files etc

Estimate time of the initial scan #

We estimate the initial scan to take 30 min per 1 million files. When the scan is completed an automatic email will be sent to the Admin account.

Note: Subsequent scans will be faster.

When the initial scan has been completed, the data from your domain will be displayed in the GAT+ console.

Data access #

To view and access the full domain data (metadata), we recommend GAT+ be installed domain-wide and all permissions be granted.

Access GAT+ #

When the tool is installed domain-wide, it can be launched from the Google Apps menu.

Click on the Google Apps menu button and scroll down to third-party apps and click on GAT+

This will launch GAT+ into a new window on your browser.