How to install GAT+

GAT+ is an Audit tool that by default can be installed only by the Super Admin of the Domain.

Install GAT+ #

To install GAT+ first login with Super Admin Account.

Navigate to Google Workspace Marketplace 

From the options available click on Domain Install

Note: You can not install it from an incognito window unless you are signed in to your Super Admin account.

When GAT+ is installed from the Marketplace check and make sure Access is granted.

Important Note: GAT+ should be installed in the root Organization Unit (‘/’ – marked as ‘Enabled for all organizational units and groups’)

Important Note: As Google Sites has been deprecated, you may see access status as ‘Partially Granted’. It is ok to continue in this case.

Access GAT+ #

When the tool is installed domain-wide, it can be launched from the Google Apps menu

Click on the Google Apps menu button and scroll down to third-party apps and click on GAT+

This will launch GAT+ into a new window on your browser.

Data #

When Admin logs in for the first time into GAT+ an automatic initial scan is started.

We estimated that the initial scan of the metadata takes around one hour per one million files.

When the initial scan has been completed, the data from your domain will be displayed in the GAT+ console.

Note: Subsequent scans will be faster.

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