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Safeguarding Their Digital Journey

Online Security for Today’s Students

Providing a safe and secure online learning environment for students in today’s digital age is paramount. GAT Shield’s Chrome Extension real-time monitoring, advanced alerting, and comprehensive tracking put you, Google Admin, in control while helping you protect your students’ online experience. 

From browsing to chat, location to content, GAT Shield equips school admins with unparalleled insights and rule-setting capabilities, all without the need for DNS redirection. 

It’s designed for scalability, supporting large domains, and multiple OUs, and facilitating delegated auditing to teachers and parents/guardians if necessary. It’s not just about compliance with regulations like CIPA; it’s about going beyond compliance to create a truly enriching and secure digital experience for your students.

Trusted by Schools and Google Admins

GAT Shield’s Benefits for Your Students 

Their Online Safety, Your Rules: Site Control Access at Your Command

Site Control Rules

With GAT Shield’s highly customizable site access control rules, the web is your canvas. Trust or block any sites from users, groups or entire Organization Units. Take control of your digital landscape effortlessly.

Instant Site Categorization

We provide you with categories with thousands of URLs so you can deploy rules within seconds, granting you immediate control over your student’s online content. These rules are pushed to the Chrome devices under your supervision via our Chrome Extension.

Real-time Student Safety: Stay Alert with Site Control

Unparalleled Alerts and Control 

When a rule is broken or an unauthorized site is visited you can display messages on the screen, close the window, take a screenshot, or capture webcam images if necessary in milliseconds, these alerts can be sent to anyone like the school principal, administrator, guardian or parent and are 100% customizable.

Insightful Reports of Your Students

Acquire a detailed report on URL access to enhance insights into your students’ behaviour. Uncover pages to be blocked, create your own site categories, identify individuals attempting access, and get a complete view of everything that is happening in your education environment, including location timestamps and duration.

Enhanced Student Security: Blocking & App Access Control

Control and Moderate App access

Empower administrators to restrict or monitor access for individual users, OUs, or groups. Block or moderate personal Gmail accounts and YouTube access, with ease.

Control Communications

Disable Google Chat and Google Meet and apply days and times restrictions as needed.

Insightful Student Web Activity:
User Chrome Device Insights

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor in Real-time the browsing activity of users, OUs, groups or Chrome Devices by serial number at any given timeframe. Easily identify the most visited sites, providing quick insights into how users allocate their online time.

Security Beyond the Classroom:
Parental Access Control

Delegated Access Control

Grant access to teachers, parents, caregivers, or guardians control over any given user, group, classroom or OU. Customize the level of access to certain areas like Browsing, Searches, Extensions and Chats and much more.

Boosting Student Security and Productivity

As a Google Admin, you play a vital role in nurturing a safe digital environment for students. GAT Shield is your partner in this mission, offering a range of features that not only enhance web filtering and monitoring but also enable secure learning experiences.

Enrich Their Learning Environment

Beyond security, GAT Shield contributes to the educational experience. By ensuring a safe online environment, students can explore the digital world with confidence, and educators can focus on what they do best – teaching.

Join the ranks of educational leaders who prioritize safety without compromising  educational excellence.

Are You Prepared to Elevate Digital Security for K-12 Students? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. GAT Shield offers highly customizable features, including site control rules and alerts. Admins can tailor web access policies to align with their educational objectives, ensuring that the platform adapts to your unique requirements.
GAT Shield provides comprehensive support, including knowledge base blogs, videos, and responsive customer support. Users have access to resources that help them maximize the benefits of the platform and address any questions or concerns they may have.
Getting started with GAT Shield is easy. You can begin by scheduling a demo or starting a 15-day trial to experience its features firsthand. Our team is here to assist you throughout the onboarding process. Note that GAT Shield requires GAT+ to be installed to unlock its full potential. 
GAT Shield prioritizes student privacy and data security. It adheres to strict privacy standards and compliance regulations to safeguard sensitive information. Detailed privacy policies and data protection measures are in place to protect students’ online activities.
Web filtering is vital for K-12 schools to provide a safe online learning environment. It ensures regulatory compliance, reduces distractions, and safeguards against cyberbullying and security threats. It also supports responsible internet use, benefiting both students and educators in creating a secure and focused learning atmosphere.

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