Make Your Learning Environment Safer with the Cyber Incident Response Plan for K-12 Admins

What is a Cyber Incident Response Plan for Schools?

A Cyber Incident Response Plan for Schools is a document tailored to your school’s needs that helps manage cyber threats before, during, and after a cybersecurity incident. This is your roadmap, which guides you through the best way to mitigate cyber risks. The plan assigns key roles and responsibilities, identifies potential cyber risks, and includes emergency procedures to reduce damages and avoid crisis escalation.

Why Does Your School Need a Cyber Incident Response Plan?

Incident response planning covering cybersecurity threats in your school:
– Streamline emergency management during a cybersecurity incident in your school by designing key roles and responsibilities.
– Reduce short and long-term damages caused by cybersecurity incidents and help prevent them in the future.
– Support your school by complying with data security, student privacy and incident responding regulations.

Common Cybersecurity Challenges for Schools

In the fast-evolving online world, schools have become frequent targets of cybercriminals due to the massive amount of highly confidential student data they hold. Bad actors are using a range of malicious techniques to achieve their goals.
Cyber Incident Response Plan for K-12 admins
They are usually caused by a user who accidentally downloads malicious software via an attachment or visits a compromised website. Once a virus infects a device, it scans for system vulnerabilities.
They happen when sensitive data is disclosed to unauthorized individuals or exposed in public. They can be unconsciously (data leak) or caused by a cyberattack (data breach).
It’s a kind of bullying which happens online via chats, email, social media, etc. Perpetrators and victims could be students from the same school, making this an internal threat.
It’s a sophisticated method of social engineering when a cybercriminal poses as a reputable business or individual. Email scams aim to install malicious software on devices to control them and acquire sensitive data.
School devices such as laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, etc., give access to sensitive data of the owner and the entire school. Unauthorized access or intrusion attempts can lead to data leakage.
This happens when a hacker takes over the computer system and blocks access to school data. The system may be only locked, or some files may have been damaged. The perpetrator releases it after receiving a ransom.

Benefits of Cyber Incident Response Plan for Your School

A well-designed plan helps K-12 admins and principals create a safe and protective e-learning space.

Preventing Unauthorized Access

Protects student data and other sensitive information stored in the school cloud and devices from unauthorized access.

Enhancing School's Reputation

Maintains trust by building and supporting the image of your school as a trustworthy educational partner for student parents and the local community.

Mitigating Cyber Risks

Minimize downtime,​ time loss, and financial costs caused by a cyber incident. Events such as data breaches or cyberbullying can also generate mental damage for victims.

Craft Your Unique Cyber Incident Response Plan

A precisely defined plan is vital to successfully managing any cyber threat in your school’s digital environment. Consider the following steps to prepare your effective response to any cyber incident.

1. Plan and Prepare

  • Build the Cyber Recovery Team
    Indicate their members and assign them roles and responsibilities in case of a cyber incident.
  • Assess Risks
    Identify critical resources, such as sensitive data stored in the school domain and possible cyber threats.
  • Monitor Risks
    Employ automated tools to monitor school systems and devices and detect an incident in real-time.
  • Create Efficient Communication
    Establish effective communication channels and create an address book for a cyber emergency.

2. Create Cybersecurity Emergency Procedures

During the Incident

  • Detect the Incident
    Utilize real-time risk monitoring to recognize a cyber incident rapidly.
  • Analyse the Incident
    Assess the incident’s nature, course of action, impact on school users, data and infrastructure.
  • Respond to the Incident
    React accordingly to the cyber incident to contain the threat and stop its escalation.

After the Incident

  • Recover
    Properly eliminate the cause of the incident so the school system can work again and students and teachers can use it safely.
  • Draw Conclusions
    Consider lessons learned from the cyber incident and adjust the response plan properly.

3. Post-Incident Maintenance

  • Review the Plan
    Update your CIRP and all digital infrastructure in your school regularly to stay prepared in the event of a cyber incident.
  • Train on Cybersecurity
    Provide training for raising cybersecurity awareness and improving technical skills.

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