Boost Student Security and Safety with Advanced Auditing Google Workspace for Education

Gain comprehensive visibility into your Google Workspace for Education with GAT Labs. Equip yourself with a powerful solution to protect student data, strengthen cybersecurity, and support mental health and suicide prevention efforts in school.

Auditing Google Workspace for Education from A to Z

Auditing Google Workspace for Education is a multi-faceted tool that streamlines the e-learning environment in the education domain. It focuses on student privacy and safety, regulatory compliance and security in Google Classroom.

  • Meet these and more school needs with a single, cross-cutting solution.


Unify Your Efforts for a Better Learning Experience with GAT Labs

GAT Labs addresses the challenges students and teachers face when using Google apps. With Auditing Google Workspace for Education, you can take back control of your digital classrooms and manage its members more effectively.

Cyber Incident Response Plan for K-12 admins

Access Management Audit
Administrator Role Audit
Security Configuration Audit
Application Security Audit

Student Wellbeing Audit

Drive and Shared
Drives Audit
Email Compliance and Security Audit
Compliance Audit

Training and Policy Audit
Google Workspace Audit
Regular Reviews


Auditing for Google Workspace for Education Guide


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Streamline Your School Domain Auditing Process

Download our checklists so you don’t miss any key areas to audit. They cover essential steps to secure your Google Workspace for Education domain and best practices for auditing.

Short Task List

Save and print this page to always have our recommendations for a successful audit on hand in one place.

Long Task List

Take notes on your observations during the audit and conclude to improve your school domain security.

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Why Choose GAT Labs?

Our solution is the best friend for teachers and administrators who want to create a safe and secure learning environment for their students. The GAT tools’ features support the modern school’s efforts to fearlessly face the challenges of the digital world in the 21st century.

Effective Classroom Management

 Facilitate e-learning for students and teachers with seamless management of all users and Chromebooks in Google Classroom.

Full-scale Student Care

Ensure the mental health of every student with detailed web filtering and inappropriate content and cyberbullying detection.

Student Data Security

Protect student data with high-level, real-time monitoring of your school’s domain and prevent data breaches.

Effortless Compliance

Easily comply with child privacy protection regulations through detailed audits and reporting.

Upgrade Your Auditing Google Workspace for Education Now

Take the opportunity to unleash the potential of Google Classroom today. Protect all students and take care of their mental health. Create a safe space for a successful e-learning experience in your school with a top-level Google Workspace Management Tool.

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