GAT Labs provides powerful audit, security and management tools.

Built originally to audit and secure Google Workspace, it now provides detailed Google Workspace auditing and protection via APIs and detailed auditing and protection for Chrome via a Chrome extension.

What does GAT do?

360 view across your Google domain and beyond

Our world currently operates in an era of information overload. To that, we unleashed the power of Google Workspace analysis to help you harness its resources and build intelligent data based on your entire domain.

Get in-depth and insightful analytics on Google Workspace usage, browsing activity and calendar load with our tool Management Assist.

By using a browser embedded security model, GAT Labs can offer further onward protection to thousands of web based apps. For these apps it can provide real-time DLP, Phishing and Identity Theft protection for a huge range of applications. We believe our CASB model is currently the most powerful CASB solution available for Enterprise.

In addition to frontline security applications, GAT Labs offer backend applications to Administrators and Managers in enterprise environments and Administrators and Teachers in education environments, giving detailed reporting and insight into user activity and productivity.

Meet the powerful GAT Suite

The most powerful toolset yet developed for Google Workspace.

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