How Sacred Heart Major Seminary Tightened Security ​


Sacred Heart Major Seminary is a 100-year-old Roman Catholic seminary in Detroit that prepares men aged 18 to 55 for the Roman Catholic priesthood. SHMS also offers classes to anyone who wants to come and study philosophy and theology. 


The school has 100 men studying for the priesthood and 300 to 400 taking classes.

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In the fall of 2022, they launched an online Master of Arts Degree program allowing students to enroll in classes from all over the world. The online classes attract an even broader demographic of students with some students in their eighties assisted by their home help aides. 

Jeff Mesch is the Director of IT. He manages and oversees the IT infrastructure for the school and its Google domain. As there are only two people in the IT department, Jeff’s day-to-day job can mean anything from running cables to sitting in on a board meeting. 

SHMS is on Google’s top Education plan – Education Plus.


Before using GAT, finding information was not easy from an IT perspective and because it was hard, they didn’t do much auditing; 

The age demographic is very different from a conventional school and one of the biggest challenges they had was students forgetting passwords. Sometimes it would take quite a number of steps to figure out what was going on. 

Previous to SHMS, Jeff worked in younger grade schools where they didn’t use GAT. 

“It was hard to get actionable data out of the existing Google setup, and being a team of just two, we don't have time to go digging for it. We were spending a lot of time working with users and diagnosing issues.”

“We just couldn't see what the students were doing and couldn't control it.” 

Use Cases

Jeff has alerts set up to let the IT department know when a user fails to log in. This saves the IT team a lot of time and frustration as they immediately know if there has been a login attempt versus them going to the wrong website; 

Jeff also has alerts set up to monitor suspicious activity on the domain such as more than 100 file downloads or emails sent in a 24-hour period. 

“Using GAT I would say we cut our diagnostic time in half with some of these issues.”

“With the Login failure alert, we can immediately get right to the point of what’s going on.”


Security is central for SHMS going forward and GAT will play a key role in helping to continually tighten things up. The IT department is automatically notified when users fail to log in and when there’s suspicious activity on the domain. 

Jeff recommends any school with similar issues get GAT and set up alerts to save time. 

“They will see their return on investment right there – I haven’t seen any other tool that does it so well.” 

Jeff Mesch – Director of IT

GAT provides Jeff and his team with the information they need at their fingertips without having to dig around for it in Google Audit Logs. From his GAT dashboard, he can see what’s at risk from a high level and drill right down if needs to be. 

Time spent diagnosing IT problems has been reduced by 50% since deploying GAT.

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