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Audit Software for Google Workspace

Execute thorough audits of your Google Workspace environment with ease. Explore your data, assess potential threats, and ensure compliance. From tracking user activity to reporting discrepancies, manage all facets of your Google Workspace from a unified platform.

Enhance your security and data management, all under one roof.
Audit Google Workspace

From Gmail to Chrome, Calendars & Drive — We help you audit every aspect of your cloud!

Starting From €12 per user/year, Audit Software for Google Workspace. *Minimum charge of €500 per domain per year

Obtain a panoramic view of all operations, ensuring maximum security and optimal performance.

Google Workspace Data Governance

Comprehensive Audit and Reporting

Explore the depths of your Google Workspace with GAT+. Gain unmatched insights into user activity, email traffic, and document sharing. This feature offers a holistic view, ensuring that admins are always informed about every activity and communication detail.

Targeted Data Filtering

Admins can refine their view with GAT+’s advanced filters, targeting specific activities or pinpointing potential compliance breaches.

Security Management

GAT+ heightens organizational security, with alerts on threats like external file sharing. Tighten data security by adjusting Google Drive permissions and get alerts on publicly shared documents. Additionally, manage and clean redundant data to optimize storage costs.

In-depth Email Analysis

Go deeper into your email traffic with GAT+. Examine metrics such as volume, size, and sender/receiver data to gain a detailed understanding of internal and external communications.

Respond to Data Privacy Incidents

Adaptive Integration and Updates

Tailored for Google Workspace, GAT+ provides unmatched integration. With regular updates, it keeps pace with the dynamic nature of the Google environment, ensuring users access cutting-edge features and security.

Trusted & Secure Data Analysis Technology!

We uphold the highest security standards and ethics in our operations. Your data privacy is of paramount importance to us, and our tools are designed with that ethos in mind.

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