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GAT shield for chrome

Secure your browser, enhance data protection & get detailed reporting on browser usage.

No other tool offers continuous, live, in-browser 3-factor authentication for Chrome users like GAT Shield.

A powerful audit, reporting, and security tool, designed specifically for your Enterprise’s Chrome environment.

Shield up!

Chrome auditing, reporting & security

GAT Shield is a powerful audit, reporting and security tool for your enterprise’s Chrome environment.

It protects your users by monitoring all activity and providing real-time Data Loss Prevention (DLP) on all sites, in all locations and at all times.

Shield offers granular Chromebook management, Chromebook tracking, Chromebook monitoring and much more…

Get LAN like usage visibility over your Chrome-based cloud users.


REAL-TIME Data loss prevention (DLP)

For Cloud browsing content, GAT Shield’s Reg. Ex. DLP is the safest real-time option in the market.

Push Reg. Ex. rules that you select or build for DLP — These rules  run in-situ on your infrastructure (Our GAT servers never have to see the content).

They’re also real-time and all-encompassing. This means not only do they cover email and Drive file content as it’s typed (even before Google does) — they also cover every other aspect of your users’ browser-based activity.

Whether your users are on an e-commerce site, Facebook or any other site, GAT Shield has got their back.


Performance tracking

GAT Shield provides real-time alerting of all users, in all sites at all times. Create your own rules,  whitelist or blacklist sites for any given user, OU or group. Keep track of sites visited, downloads, chats, keyword searches and much more.

You can also delegate access to any regular user  any given OU or group so they can run audits easily.

Every Chrome Interaction in ONE Place

Real-Time Browsing Insights

Obtain immediate visibility into web activities across all sites, enabling precise oversight of user engagement and policy compliance.

This feature allows you to quickly identify trends, spot potential compliance issues, and make informed decisions to safeguard productivity and data privacy in your domain.

Advanced Web Filtering

Deploy sophisticated web filtering to control internet access effectively, preventing exposure to unsafe or inappropriate content.

Customize filtering rules based on categories, URLs, or keywords to align with your organization’s ethical standards and security policies, ensuring a secure online environment for all your users.

Behavioural Analytics & Anomaly Detection

Make use of advanced analytics to detect unusual behavior patterns, potentially indicating security threats or policy violations.

This proactive surveillance helps in the early detection of potential threats, enabling timely intervention and maintaining a secure operational framework.

Monitor Activity Across Devices

Keep track of employee activities across all devices (PC, Mac, or ChromeOS) through the Chrome browser.

This universal monitoring ensures that you have visibility into your workforce’s online actions, regardless of their chosen platform.

Geo-Tracking and Asset Management

Leverage precise geo-location tracking for Chromebooks to enhance asset management and respond to security incidents.

This feature is invaluable for recovering lost devices, optimizing asset utilization, and implementing geofencing policies that trigger alerts or actions based on device location.

Detailed Usage Reporting

Generate comprehensive reports on device and browser usage, delivering insights into how applications are used, identifying bottlenecks in productivity, and assessing adherence to IT policies.

These reports are important for optimizing IT resources, planning for future needs, and ensuring that technology investments align with your user requirements and organizational goals.

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