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GAT flow for Google Workspace

Automate your Google Workspace tasks & SAVE BIG on man-hours!​

Onboard, Offboard and BULK modify users securely with ease using automated workflows.

GAT Flow

Hundreds of reports and bulk actions for Admins and Management.


Save time & reduce costs

Some of the most boring admin tasks just got a lot simpler!

Avoid human mistakes while saving time and effort on repetitive user management tasks.

GAT Flow covers everything. From welcome emails and email signatures, to pre-loading files, pre-populating contacts and much more…

Each workflow can be built from additional action sets, which can be combined.

Every department in your organization can have its own unique workflow, and every workflow can be fed individual user names or a list from a sheet.

Save the workflow to use again and again.


Unleash the power of automation

Need to push a new signature template to all users, a new folder structure to all members of an OU, or update all accounts with a new contact?

Easy! — With the modify workflow function, you can do all that and more with a few clicks.

Save the workflow template to modify or reuse again.


Secure user offboarding

The GAT Flow Offboarding feature provides ease of handling leavers in your school or district.

All contacts can be transferred to different users. Users can be deleted from groups. Mobile and ChromeOS devices can be wiped. Files and Calendar events can be transferred to a new owner —  so no information is lost.

Streamline Your Google Workspace with GAT Flow

Signature Management

Minimize administrative tasks with GAT Flow’s automation capabilities, particularly in managing email signatures.

Effortlessly create, deploy, and maintain consistent email signatures across your organization using our bulk modification feature.

Whether you’re aligning with new branding, adding legal disclaimers, or managing user changes. Ensure uniformity and compliance in every email, simplifying your workflow efficiently.

Org Chart

Tree Charts

Discover the power of visual organization with GAT Flow’s Tree Charts.

You’ll gain a dynamic view of your organization’s structure, easily seeing how departments, teams, and individual users interconnect.

Our interactive Tree Charts go beyond mere diagrams, allowing you to manage and edit user details right from the chart itself.


Secured Workflow

Add a critical layer of security to your operations.

With GAT Flow, any changes requested by an admin, require approval from a designated Security Officer. This ensures that all operations within your domain are authorized and intentional.

This critical mechanism is supported by the configuration of a Security Officer in GAT+ via GAT Unlock.


Onboarding, Offboarding and Modifying Workflows

Boost your team’s efficiency with GAT Flow.  Customise steps based on roles and departments for an optimized new employee experience, including email setup and file access. 

Secure your offboarding process with password resets, forced logout, device wiping, and user suspension, coupled with seamless file and email transfers.

GAT Flow’s event-driven workflows can also complement existing integrations from services such as Active Directory or HR systems which provision users but don’t do any of the other important tasks that you need to happen.


User, Group, and Directory Management

Efficiently Manage All User Accounts and Group Settings in One Place.

Quickly update user details like names, aliases, and passwords, and manage group memberships to maintain correct access rights. 

With easy-to-use features for adjusting email settings and automating group updates, you can efficiently respond to your organization’s evolving needs, ensuring secure and streamlined management of user and group configurations.



Event-Driven, Scheduled, and Ad-Hoc Workflows

Elevate your workspace administration and save time with GAT Flow’s powerful automation capabilities. 

Effortlessly automate workflows triggered by specific events within your Google Workspace. Schedule routine tasks, like password rotations or Google Group membership updates, to run automatically. 

Additionally, execute bulk changes on an ad-hoc basis for a specific set of users, whether it’s applying email aliases or updating profile information. Streamline your management processes with these flexible, customizable workflow options.

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