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Tips and tools on how to manage everything inside and outside your Google Domain.

How To’s

Make Google Drive management a whole lot simpler  Google Drive Management is a wide umbrella that many sysadmins can occasionally feel lost under. However, when
This post is written by Vince Marino, CPO at Afi.ai, developer of the youngest Google Workspace backup platform.  Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) requires a
Could your cluttered Google Drive be eating up a chunk of your productivity and mental capacity? Aside from the hefty price tag, clutter always costs
Google Drive Housekeeping: Clean up, Set alerts & policies, Start fresh It’s that time of the year again, folks. Bells are ringing.. Drive clutter is
Managed Chromebooks are NOT JUST FOR SCHOOLS anymore! This month Google is celebrating Chromebook’s 10th birthday. To that, a big round of applause is much deserved.
From Social Security numbers (SSNs) to salary details, background checks, health care and retirement plans and more — employers today store and process huge amounts
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