Tips and tools on how to manage everything inside and outside your Google Domain.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace Security: Drive, Gmail, Calendar and more… Google Workspace (formerly G Suite and Google Apps) is one of the most powerful cloud collaboration and
If we had to sum up Google Workspace security in four words, those would be: Audit, Alert, Manage and Automate. Over the past years, we’ve
How to manage Google Shared Drives at your enterprise? Shared Drives can be a tricky territory for Google Workspace admins.  While they power up file
Google Admins, learn how to Increase Gmail Security Against Phishing Emails Phishing emails are a popular tool in every cybercriminal’s toolbox. In fact, 56% of
Make Google Drive management a whole lot simpler  Google Drive Management is a wide umbrella that many sysadmins can occasionally feel lost under. However, when
Simplify Employee Onboarding in Google Workspace — from IT to HR   Employee onboarding is a crucial task for both HR and IT. It plays right
Let’s welcome the new year all prepared, with painful end of year Google Workspace admin tasks behind us It’s the end of the year already
Looking for Google Cloud Print Alternatives? — Tune in then   On January 1st 2021, Google deprecated it’s Cloud Print service after a decade of
This post is written by Vince Marino, CPO at, developer of the youngest Google Workspace backup platform.  Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) requires a
How to retain your best employees and keep them motivated, remotely?   Employee retention has always been a persistent HR concern. With new companies coming
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