GAT UNLOCK for Google Workspace

Security Management for Google Workspace.

With GAT Unlock access to documents, or change of ownership of documents, without the owner’s permission, can only be accomplished with the active input of at least TWO people in your organisation.

Hundreds of reports and bulk actions for Admins and Management.


Powerful file ownership & access security

When GAT Unlock is enabled, Administrators can generate access or change requests, but only Security Officers can approve them.

An individual can be a member of both lists but can’t approve their own requests.

The Security Officer list for all domains is maintained by the GAT Labs staff.

Why all that effort?

We highly respect your organisation’s data security and right to be protected. 

We do not enable GAT Unlock during the trial version of our app for security reasons.

Contact us if you’d like know more.


Perform Bulk cloud Security Tasks

With GAT Unlock and the appropriate approval for the task, you can change ownership or file access rights, and silently copy or view files.

Admins can get pre-approved access to all files for a range of users, and change ownership of an entire folder tree.

They can also delegate access to an email account, delete spam, inappropriate or accidental emails, bulk download or view email contents, and much more.


The highest security model in Google workspace​

With GAT Unlock, sensitive tasks (like changing file ownership or access rights, bulk removal of phishing emails, delegating email accounts and more) are carried out in an audited environment where access is controlled with a unique ‘lock and key’ system.

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