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GAT UNLOCK for Google Workspace

Security Management for Google Workspace.

Security Management for Google Workspace.

Manage file permissions, set up email delegation silently, and oversee email activities domain-wide, discreetly enhancing security without notifying users.

Simplify security management and elevate efficiency—a must-have tool for every Google Admin.

GAT Unlock

Eliminate phishing emails and execute bulk actions on files and folders with seamless precision.


Powerful File Ownership & Access Security

When GAT Unlock is enabled, Administrators can generate access or change requests, but only Security Officers can approve them. (GAT+ is required to be installed for this product to run)

An individual can be a member of both lists but can’t approve their own requests.

The Security Officer list for all domains is maintained by the GAT Labs staff.

Why all that effort?

We highly respect your organisation’s data security and right to be protected. 

We do not enable GAT Unlock during the trial version of our app for security reasons.

Contact us if you’d like know more.


Perform Bulk Cloud Security Tasks

With GAT Unlock and the appropriate approval for the task, you can change ownership or file access rights, and silently copy or view files.

Admins can get pre-approved access to all files for a range of users, and change ownership of an entire folder tree.

They can also delegate access to an email account, delete spam, inappropriate or accidental emails, bulk download or view email contents, and much more.


The Highest Security Model in Google Workspace​

With GAT Unlock, sensitive tasks (like changing file ownership or access rights, bulk removal of phishing emails, delegating email accounts and more) are carried out in an audited environment where access is controlled with a unique ‘lock and key’ system.

Advanced Control and Flexibility for Google Workspace Admins

Blanket Actions on Drive

Execute comprehensive, large-scale actions on files and folders across multiple owners in your Google Workspace.

Whether changing permissions, copying, or moving files, GAT Unlock provides the flexibility you need.

Efficiently manage and reorganise data, adapting seamlessly to your organization’s evolving needs.

Email Management

Request to view and download the contents of any file or email within your Google Workspace. 

Protect your users by proactively identifying and removing phishing, spam or accidental emails being sent or received from all inboxes.

This feature is indispensable for fast data retrieval and audits, ensuring you always have the necessary information at your fingertips. 


Silent Access

Gain access to the contents of Drive files and email inboxes across your google domain without the owner’s knowledge.

This capability is essential for conducting thorough security checks and security and compliance reviews, ensuring you have the oversight you need to manage data securely.

Stay compliant and keep your data safe with GAT Unlock.

Pre-Approve Access

Enhance your efficiency as a Google Workspace Super Admin with GAT Unlock’s Pre-approval feature.

Set up by Security Officers, this one-time configuration allows you to use GAT Unlock’s functionalities without needing individual approvals. 

Accelerate your access to manage files, emails, and workflows in GAT Flow, ensuring quick and secure operations.

Bulk Change and Removal

Efficiently manage large-scale file ownership changes and email removals across your organisation, saving time and reducing effort. 

Streamline transitions and maintain data continuity with ease, making it an ideal solution for organisational changes.

 Keep your Google Drive organised and your email secure, even during significant changes in your organisation.

Silent Email Delegation

Enable discreet email delegation within your organisation seamlessly with GAT Unlock.

Set up email delegation for any user, enhancing email management efficiently without alerting the end user. 

GAT Unlock offers a practical solution for Google Admins to maintain uninterrupted workflows and handle critical emails effectively.

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Ready to give GAT Labs a try?

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Meet the powerful GAT Suite

The most powerful toolset yet developed for Google Workspace.

Meet the powerful GAT Suite

The most powerful toolset yet developed for Google Workspace.

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