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5 Fantastic Benefits of Typing Behaviour Authentication for Cloud Security

Typing Behaviour Authentication for Cloud Security

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In the dynamic realm of digital security, the pursuit of an impregnable solution to thwart unauthorized access has been ceaseless. The concept of a digital sentinel, instantly sounding the alarm at any sign of an intruder attempting to breach an account or corporate device, once seemed distant. However, the landscape of security has evolved. Introducing innovations like Zero Trust principles and biometric authentication methods such as Typing Behaviour Authentication, this advanced approach not only verifies user identity but does so continuously, reshaping the contours of cloud security.

Next, let’s delve into the nuances of Typing Behaviour Authentication. Moreover, let’s underscore its significance in the domain of cloud security while spotlighting five extraordinary benefits it bestows.

What is Typing Behaviour Authentication?

Just as each individual possesses a distinct personality, a unique typing style characterizes each one of us. Typing Behaviour Authentication, an AI-powered Zero Trust security solution, capitalizes on this very premise. Operating on a global scale, this method has garnered substantial popularity owing to its unparalleled security advantages. It sets it apart from conventional Multifactor Authentication (MFA) methodologies. Known by various monikers such as Keystroke Dynamics, Keystroke Biometrics, Typing Dynamics, and Typing Biometrics, this approach redefines the landscape of user authentication.

How Does Typing Behaviour Authentication Work?

Typing Behaviour Authentication meticulously constructs a virtual user identity in the background. This is achieved through a comprehensive analysis and recording of intricate details pertaining to the typing patterns and keystroke dynamics of each user. By harnessing the power of AI algorithms, the system then evaluates whether the individual typing on the keyboard corresponds to the authorized user. By transforming the authentication process from a one-time event during login to a continuous process, Typing Behaviour Authentication has ushered in a new era of cloud security and data risk management.

Five Security Benefits of Typing Behaviour Authentication:


1. Amplified Management of Remote Workers:

The era of hybrid and remote work has solidified its place in the business landscape. However, concerns pertaining to the management of remote employees and the security of their devices remain persistent. Typing Behaviour Authentication addresses these concerns by ensuring that access to business accounts is granted exclusively to authorized users. It also augments security measures to counter potential threats like device theft and external cyberattacks, thus bolstering remote work environments.

2. Eradicating Unauthorized Access in the Workspace:

Instances where employees inadvertently leave their workstations unattended are not uncommon. Opportunistic individuals may exploit such situations, gaining unauthorized access to sensitive accounts. Additionally, unauthorized clock-ins and clock-outs are issues that persist in workplaces. Typing Behaviour Authentication tools, exemplified by Active ID, swiftly identify imposters by scrutinizing typing patterns, irrespective of their physical location.

3. Uninterrupted Authentication:

In an era where cloud-based security reigns supreme, traditional MFA methods like 2FA and 3FA have become indispensable. However, Typing Behaviour Authentication goes beyond these methods by perpetually verifying user identity post-login. This constant authentication gains added significance in light of Google’s cessation of support for “less secure apps,” underscoring the criticality of MFA in cloud security.

4. Exposing Impersonators:

Advanced Typing Behaviour Authentication tools, like GAT’s Active ID, introduce a unique facet—the ability to capture an image of an imposter upon detection. This feature proves to be invaluable in situations involving attempted impersonation, enabling swift identification and prompt action.

5. Facilitating Effective Corrective Actions:

Upon identifying an imposter, administrators and security officers can promptly intervene. They can execute actions such as terminating the session and logging out the unauthorized user. This proactive approach ensures that potential threats are neutralized promptly, safeguarding sensitive data and systems.



Typing Behaviour Authentication stands as a beacon of security innovation, reshaping the contours of cloud security. Its distinctive capability to harness the individuality of typing styles has led to a paradigm shift in user authentication. By providing a vigilant and continuous authentication process, this methodology effectively addresses the evolving challenges of modern cloud security. The manifold benefits it offers, from fortifying remote work environments to unveiling imposters, position it as a foundational element of comprehensive security strategies for businesses in the digital age.

Why GAT’s ActiveID?

ActiveID is the first ‘Zero Trust’ solution for all your web-based cloud applications.

  1. No Special User Training Needed: ActiveID is not only smart in how it catches impostors, but it’s also smart in how it learns.
  2. Low False Positive Rate: ActiveID has a very low false-positive rate which also makes it ideal for large G Suite domains.
  3. High Detection Speed: ActiveID catches impostors after just 200 characters of typing.
  4. Extending Protection beyond G Suite to Evey Online Site: In conjunction with Google Cloud Premium Identity, ActiveID provides the first zero-trust cloud environment for all your user’s browser-based online sites.
  5. A Whole Range of Corrective Actions Available: From alerting an Admin or Security Officer with a camera shot of the ‘impostor’, to shutting down the session and logging out the unauthorized user.

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