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GAT Labs vs. BetterCloud:
Empowering Google Workspace Administrators

Discover why GAT Labs is the preferred choice for Google Workspace administrators.

GAT Labs vs. BetterCloud:
Empowering Google Workspace Administrators

Discover why GAT Labs is the preferred choice for Google Workspace administrators.

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Securing Google Workspace: A Side-by-Side Comparison between GAT Labs and BetterCloud

Explore the differences in security and compliance between GAT Labs and BetterCloud. Our comparison table provides a clear overview of each platform’s capabilities, helping you choose the solution that best secures and aligns with your Google Workspace environment management and security.

Feature Category
GAT Labs
Data Analytics and Reporting
Offers auditing, management, and security across all Google Workspace areas with alerts, reporting, and user data management in one place​
Enhances visibility into SaaS environments to support data-driven decision making
Document Management
Provides access and permission changes on sensitive data, performs bulk security tasks, and copies externally owned folders​​.
Alerts for unwanted public file sharing and audits to assess exposure (File Security)​​.
User Onboarding/Offboarding
Automates onboarding, offboarding, and modifying Google Workspace users' chores, including email and file migration
Simplifies onboarding routines for productivity from Day 1; Reduces time required to de-provision employees
Browser Security
Offers real-time DLP security for Chrome Browser, enhances data protection, and provides detailed reporting and alerts of users' activity​
BetterCloud ensures secure and efficient management of applications within your browser, offering oversight and control over SaaS operations, which may include browser-based data loss prevention, compliance enforcement, and user activity monitoring for a safe online working environment.
Customization and Integration
Control and manage cloud environments with powerful management and reporting capabilities
Customised workflows to integrate with any SaaS app
Essential Plan $14 user/year Admin Plan $20 user/year Secure Plan $30 user/year 50% Discount for Nonprofits, 10% Discount Government and about 90% discount for Education
BetterCloud One Plan: $3/user/month BetterCloud Core Plan: $6/user/month BetterCloud Enterprise Plan: $10/user/month Minimum Charge: $15,000 per year
Customer Support
Provides detailed reporting and support for managing user identity and activity, including on anonymous Chrome devices​
Comprehensive customer support and developer resources are available​
Security and Compliance
Security and Compliance Prioritises high-security standards, accessing only Google metadata, not file contents. Utilises robust encryption and security certifications (SOC, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA). Offers customizable audit tool instances for large organizations​
Supports internal compliance policies by finding exposed sensitive information & automating policy enforcement
Unlock Your Workspace's Potential with GAT Labs

Discover how GAT Labs simplifies and enhances your Google Workspace management. Experience the ease and efficiency our platform brings to your digital environment.

GAT Labs: Top-Rated Leader in Google Workspace Management

GAT Labs shines on G2 with a perfect 5.0 out of 5 rating, recognized as:

  • 2nd Easiest to Use in Office Software
  • 9th Easiest to Use in Cloud File Security

Customers experience the power of smart, secure, and comprehensive auditing and security solutions for Google Workspace and Chrome environments.

Go beyond management, secure your Google Workspace with a suite trusted by both educators and businesses.

Choose GAT Labs and ensure your Google Workspace is managed by the best in the business.

"Great Software that offers what Google should have already made!"

The Unified Platform for Google Workspace Management

The Unified Platform
for Google Workspace Management

Plan, manage, and secure your domain in one customizable space with GAT Labs

Our robust suite transforms your Google Workspace into a centralised hub for all your management needs. GAT Labs’ flexible tools adapt to your organisation’s workflow, allowing for seamless transitions across different teams and projects without the need to switch between various applications.

Consolidate Management Tasks for Unmatched Efficiency

Say goodbye to scattered documents and disjointed management tasks. GAT Labs unifies your data analytics, reporting, user management, and security controls into a single, intuitive platform, enhancing speed and transparency across your organization.

Experience Advanced Automation with GAT Labs

Harness the power of GAT Labs for automated workflows that propel your management efficiency forward. From real-time data protection in the Chrome browser to strategic insights, leverage our AI-driven tools to optimize your work output and security.

Smooth Transition with GAT Labs

Effortlessly migrate from other management systems to GAT Labs without losing a step. Our importer tools ensure a smooth transition, so you can integrate your teams, workflows, and documents into our comprehensive management suite.

Transform Your Google Workspace with GAT Labs

  • Save significant time by centralizing your management tasks.
  • Streamline operations and replace multiple disparate tools.
  • Accelerate project and security task completion.
  • Reduce the need for excessive communication overhead.

Utilize Pre-Built Configurations to Jumpstart Your Productivity

With GAT Labs, setting up is simple. Use our pre-configured settings tailored for education and enterprise environments to hit the ground running. Customizable policies and reports mean you can start enhancing your domain’s security and management right away.

See why Gat Labs is the best Google Workspace Management tool for you

Get started with GAT Labs and redefine how you manage and secure your Google Workspace.

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