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GDPR Compliance for Google Workspace

Analyse, report and protect sensitive data shared internally and externally from and to your domain!

Ensure that your staff and customer data is not carelessly exposed via file-sharing or email attachments — Scheduled testing of all content and shares, done seamlessly.

  • Access Control
  • Data Mapping
  • Policy Management
  • Risk Management
  • Sensitive Data Identification

The most comprehensive view across your entire Google Workspace environment.

Starting From €12 per user/year, Audit Software for Google Workspace. *Minimum charge of €500 per domain per year

How GAT differs from its competitors in compliance:

GAT exhibits several key differentiators that make it the most suitable tool for compliance testing and enforcement in the Google Workspace marketplace.

(Our competitors in this area lack these key features)

  • Proper workflow to ensure only approved access to sensitive content.
  • Real-time monitoring of all sensitive information being typed, copied or pasted.
  • Covers all Chrome browser-based activity.
  • Report on file loss via email attachment.
  • Designed to compliment Google Workspace DLP.
  • No sensitive content ever has to pass through our servers.

GAT+: Designed to meet this compliance requirement.

 From time to time admins or security staff need to inspect online content which may belong to other staff members or customers.

It’s crucial that this process is carried out in a structured and approved workflow, and GAT+ is designed to ensure just that.

GAT Unlock: The ONLY solution in the Google Marketplace with such a structured workflow.

Data leakage can occur not only via email and document sharing, but also through the browser (via cut and paste into any other web page the user is logged into on their browser). 

That’s why detecting this dynamic flow of sensitive information is critical to ensuring proper data  compliance.

GAT Shield: Watches and alerts in real-time.

Our sophisticated design that pre-dates the GDPR requirements means we have always coded to ensure none or minimal customer content ever has to pass through our architecture.

Finally, all idle databases are automatically deleted 30 days after last use with no metadata harvesting for future use.

Does the GDPR require processing of personal data in the EU?

No. Like the 95/46/EC Directive on Data Protection, the GDPR sets forth certain conditions for the transfer of personal data outside of the EU. Such conditions can be met via mechanisms such as model contract clauses. Given its access to all aspects of your G Suite environment, the GAT Suite must themselves respect the GDPR environment for your data.</span>

Trusted & Secure Data Analysis Technology!

We uphold the highest security standards and ethics in our operations. Your data privacy is of paramount importance to us, and our tools are designed with that ethos in mind.

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