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Measure up team collaboration & engagement in the cloud!

Obtain overall team performance for Email activity, collaboration, Calendar commitment, customer engagement, browsing habits and more…

Hundreds of reports and bulk actions for Admins and Management.

Measure every performance area

Unique Productivity Insights

Workspace Insights is not just a powerful Email meter that covers every aspect of your team’s email performance, it also measures Google Workspace usage, browsing activity and Calendar load.

When managing a team, email metering is only a small part of what you need insight into. Workspace Insights is designed to cover every area managers needs to monitor.

Google Workspace collaboration data

Business Intelligence for Everyone

Workspace Insights leverages the power of Google Workspace and the cloud to deliver ‘never-before-seen’ insight into the operation and collaboration of teams.

Understand at a glance who your team is dealing with and which customers or leads are receiving the most engagement

Measure activity levels in email volume, email response times and unread emails

Identify and visualise the contact network for each member of the sales team, including through alias accounts like.

Catch Imposters right away

Constant User Identity Verification

GAT’s ActiveID constantly verifies that the user typing behind the keyboard is in fact the user logged in. 

How it works? 

By analysing and monitoring in REAL-TIME each user’s unique typing style using AI. 

This state-of-the-art technology protects your users against common human mistakes like forgetting to log out, or even buddy punching.

With a very low false-positive rate (making it ideal for large domains), Active ID is almost perfect in catching an impostor after just 200 characters of typing.

It also covers not only Google Workspace, but also any site your users visit while authenticated against Google Google Workspace in their Chrome browser.

 (Requires Google Cloud Protect to ensure Chrome is used and Shield is deployed).

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