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Cloud Migration Data Security: The GAT Suite Advantages

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Enrique Gomez

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Updated August 10th, 2023

We’re excited to explore a topic that’s becoming increasingly critical for organizations worldwide: Data Security during Cloud Migrations. Whether you’re shifting platforms, upgrading systems, or reconfiguring your tech infrastructure, the protection of sensitive data is paramount.

I’m Enrique, Head of Operations at GAT Labs, and I want to share with you how we successfully addressed data security concerns during a recent transition project with the leading international management consulting firm. This firm, as you can imagine, was particularly sensitive about safeguarding its data throughout the process.

The Challenge: Ensuring Data Security in Transition

Our task was clear: assist the firm in transitioning from Google Workspace™ to Microsoft 365 while guaranteeing that their data remained uncompromised. While we had the right tools and expertise for the job, the firm’s security team needed assurances about the new tool we were introducing to the mix – GAT+.

The Solution: GAT+ and Data Security

We introduced GAT+, an audit and protection tool for Google Workspace™, as a key component of our solution. However, the firm’s security department posed a crucial question: “How can we trust GAT+ with our sensitive data?” It’s a question that’s not uncommon when considering new technologies, particularly in industries where data security is paramount.

Here’s how we answered their concerns:

1. Zero Data Access: GAT+ operates on the principle of “zero data access.” This means that GAT+ never accesses, retrieves, or stores the content of emails, documents, or files. Instead, it focuses on analyzing metadata and activity logs, ensuring that sensitive data remains completely secure and untouched.

2. Compliance: GAT+ is built to comply with Google’s stringent security and privacy standards. It’s a trusted application listed on the Google Workspace™ Marketplace and is widely used across various industries, including financial institutions. While we respect the confidentiality of our customers, we can provide references from other financial institutions that have successfully integrated GAT+ to bolster their Google Workspace security and compliance.

3. Role-Based Access Control: Organizations using GAT+ have the power to grant specific permissions to users, allowing them to limit access to sensitive data. This means that only authorized personnel can utilize the tool, providing an extra layer of security.

4. Audit Trails: GAT+ provides comprehensive audit trails that document every action performed within the Google Workspace environment. This transparency enables the tracking and monitoring of user activities, further enhancing data security.

5. Encryption: We take data security seriously. All data transmitted to and from GAT+ is encrypted, ensuring that it remains secure during transfer.

Building Trust: Our Commitment to You

We understand that trust is paramount in these situations. To provide our client with more specific details and references from the financial sector, we’ve scheduled a meeting with one of our GAT+ security experts. They will address any questions or concerns that the firm’s security department may have, tailoring the information to meet their specific needs.

At GAT Labs, we’re committed to helping you build trust, especially during important transitions. We believe that GAT+ can play a crucial role in enhancing data security, and we’re here to provide all the resources and support you need.

Thank you for considering GAT+ as part of your analysis. We look forward to assisting you further and ensuring a seamless transition for your organization.

In this article:

1. The Challenge: Ensuring Data Security in Transition

2. The Solution: GAT+ and Data Security

3. Building Trust: Our Commitment to You

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