Introducing Taskmaster.
Our AI-based solution to Monitor Your Students’ Homework.

Ensure the integrity of student assignments in times of cut and paste and Chat GPT.
Discover the new feature for Google Admins.

AI-based tools are making a revolution in every sector of professional and daily life. Their impact will grow by 37% every year through 2030, researchers report. Artificial intelligence technologies are also increasingly being used in the education sector by teachers and students.

To meet this challenge, we create a secure learning environment to monitor students’ remote work. With our new Taskmaster tool, you will be able to stop students from cheating and make sure they are learning independently.

Let us help you fully supervise your students’ assignments starting next school year. Deeply integrated with Google Workspace for Education, this new solution from GAT Labs, will help analyze the originality of student homework and improve your student supervision.

Gain unprecedented insights into the originality of student work in Google Classroom with the new unique feature of Taskmaster.

Detect AI-created Content

The new Taskmaster feature enhances the process of assessing student work. It compares the assignment text submitted by the student with AI-generated data. As a result, the tool provides valuable insights into the likely authenticity of the text showing an estimated percentage of whether the text segment is “real” or “false”. It helps teachers maintain learning integrity and ensure the originality of students’ homework in Google Classroom.

Block or Detect Copy-Paste Action

With the new Taskmaster functionality, the teacher can prevent students from copying and pasting into specific assignment documents. It will help ensure the originality of the content and discourage plagiarism.  Teachers are able to block copying and pasting action while sharing with students the assignment file URL created in Google Docs. In case pasting is allowed, the teacher can fully review pasted sections to access the quality of the submitted work.

Check Assignment Integrity

The powerful Active ID algorithm calculates the unique typing pattern of each student. Based on this data, the tool can determine whether students are writing a text independently or someone else is writing it for them. With a generated graph showing the result, you can check the integrity of students’ assignments and detect potential cases of cheating in Google Classroom.

Monitor Homework Progress

With Taskmaster, teachers can set submission deadlines for assignments and track students’ progress in real-time. They gain a full overview of student effort by providing information on the complete duration of the response, typing activity, duration, characters typed, deletions, and returns.

Stay Notified on Assignments

The new Taskmaster feature is designed to streamline communication in the e-learning process. The tool will notify students of new assignments automatically, ensuring they never miss their tasks and deadlines. Teachers, in turn, can draw on automatic notifications when assignments are completed to review and provide feedback. Let everyone stay in the loop and guarantee a smooth assignment workflow.

Monitor Your Students’ Homework
with a Unique AI-based Tool​