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ACTIVEID for chrome

The first 'Zero Trust' solution for all your web based cloud applications.

Constantly verify that the user typing behind the keyboard is in fact the one logged in using continuous user identity verification.

Hundreds of reports and bulk actions for Admins and Management.

never trust, always verify

Constant user identity verification

ActiveID is a continuous user identity verification tool that can add a third factor (3FA) to static two-factor identification (2FA).

While 2-step verification (2FA) is an important part of cloud-based user identity verification — it’s a one-off security event at login.

ActiveID makes the user identity verification process constant once 2FA is used to establish a secure connection.  

How it works? 

By analysing and monitoring in REAL-TIME each user’s unique typing style using AI. 

ActiveID actively confirms that the user behind the keyboard is the one logged in based on their typing style. 

Thereby becoming a Zero Trust 3FA.


Effortless deployment

ActiveID is not only smart in how it catches impostors, but also how it learns.

No special user training is involved.

Once you install GAT Shield with ActiveID, it instantly starts learning who each user is, building a unique mathematical model for each user and using AI to process the live typing stream data — simultaneously monitoring and learning.

If an impostor is detected, a whole range of corrective actions can be taken. From alerting an Admin or Security Officer with a camera shot of the ‘impostor’, to shutting down the session and logging out the user.

typing behaviour authentication

Exceptionally low false positive rate

ActiveID has an exceptionally low false-positive rate (making it ideal for large school domains). It can almost catch an impostor after only 200 characters of typing.

Not only does it cover Google Workspace, but also any site your users visit while authenticated against Google Workspace in their Chrome browser.

(Note: ActiveID requires Google Cloud Protect to ensure Chrome is used and Shield is deployed).

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