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Tips and tools on how to manage everything inside and outside your Google Domain.

Google Workspace Security

Attention, your computer has been infected! Did you get goosebumps or, at least, a lump in your throat when reading the above line? No one
Secure Google Drive File Sharing: Audit, Manage, Automate! Google Drive file sharing has revolutionised the way we work. We can now collaborate faster in real-time
Google Workspace Security: Drive, Gmail, Calendar and more… Google Workspace (formerly G Suite and Google Apps) is one of the most powerful cloud collaboration and
If we had to sum up Google Workspace security in four words, those would be: Audit, Alert, Manage and Automate. Over the past years, we’ve
How to manage Google Shared Drives at your enterprise? Shared Drives can be a tricky territory for Google Workspace admins.  While they power up file
Google Admins, learn how to Increase Gmail Security Against Phishing Emails Phishing emails are a popular tool in every cybercriminal’s toolbox. In fact, 56% of
How to set up Google Drive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) across your domain? According to The Economist, ‘the world’s most valuable resource is no longer
Many Google Workspace admins feel quite overwhelmed when they’re first assigned the job. There’s a lot to look after, from everyday user management tasks like
How to identify and address a compromised Google Workspace account? (Note: This post is for Google Workspace Admins. You’ll need an Admin account to perform
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