Do more, code less and get your valuable time back

Need GAM’s powerful reporting, but without the time pressure? Discover GAT

If you find yourself short on time or staff, GAT could be the answer to your reporting and management needs.

GAT provides a simpler and faster alternative to complex Google Apps Manager (GAM) scripts — do much more, in less time. 

GAT also provides more security features, so you don’t have to worry as much about potential threats.

Dig Deeper Beyond the Google Admin Console!

Unleash the Power of Google Workspace Automation

Simplify Google Workspace User Management Tasks

Take Bulk Actions on Google Workspace

Better yet, delegate some of those tasks to any non-google admin in your domain to free up even more time and keep your Google Workspace secure — thanks to GAT’s code and script free advantage.  This also reduces the risk of having a local server compromised and providing a backdoor to your workspace environment.

GAT Labs for Enterprise

GAT takes you to places GAM does not go:

  • Gain sharing visibility and change or remove files and folders permissions via GAT Unlock BUT with a secure approval mechanism to keep you  security compliant
  • Easily manage your Google Groups Permissions, identify and manage internal and external members and much more…
  • Automate tedious Google Workspace Admin Security tasks and make sure your data is safe with GAT Flow
  • Create policies, alerts, scheduled reports and bolster up your Google Workspace security and compliance
  • Audit your Chrome extensions and identify threats in Chrome

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