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A Comprehensive Guide to Third-Party App Security

Third-party apps Security

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Organizations today rely on a diverse array of applications and services to enhance productivity and streamline operations. Among these tools are third-party apps, which offer valuable functionalities to enrich the Google Workspace environment. 

However, the convenience of these integrations can introduce significant security risks, potentially compromising sensitive data.

In this comprehensive guide tailored for Google Admins, we’ll look into the world of third-party app security. We’ll explore why securing these apps is of paramount importance, the risks they pose, and how GAT can help protect your organization’s digital assets.

What Are Third-Party Applications?

A third-party application, or app, is software developed by an entity separate from the platform or device on which it is used. 

Typically, when you download and install an app, you grant it various permissions and access to your data.

The Fate of Your Data

The data you release to third-party apps can serve various purposes. While some apps use it for legitimate marketing and product enhancement, others may have more malicious intentions if this data falls into the wrong hands.

Consequently, it’s essential to understand the diverse landscape of third-party apps.

Types of Third-Party Apps

To give you a better understanding of the topic, let’s look at the different types of third-party apps.

  • Apps Hosted on Official App Stores:

Apps found on platforms like Google Workspace Marketplace are considered third-party apps. They are generally safe to use because they undergo stringent security regulations before being listed on these platforms.

In this case, Google reviews apps before they’re published to make sure they meet Google’s safety, content, and style guidelines.

  • Apps Hosted on Separate Websites or Unofficial App Stores:

This category raises concerns about third-party apps, often associated with security risks. These apps must be sideloaded and do not undergo rigorous security checks, making them potentially unsafe for your devices.

  • Custom Apps, In-House Apps, or Enterprise Apps:

These are a crucial subset of third-party apps. They are tailor-made for specific business needs within a company and may or may not be hosted on app stores.

The Security Dilemma

As a Google Admin, it’s vital to navigate the security dilemma posed by third-party applications. While they offer undeniable benefits, they can also be a gateway for potential data breaches. 

To safeguard your business and customer data, consider the following measures:

  • Vet Third-Party Apps Thoroughly:

Before integrating a third-party app into your business operations, conduct thorough research. Assess its reputation, privacy policies, and security measures. Look for reviews and recommendations from trusted sources.

  • Limit Data Access:

When granting permissions to third-party apps, be mindful of the data you provide access to. Only grant access to essential information required for the app to function effectively. Minimizing unnecessary data sharing reduces security risks.

  • Stay Informed About App Updates:

Keep your apps up-to-date with the latest security patches. Developers often release updates to address vulnerabilities. Regularly check for and install these updates to bolster your app’s security.

  • Employ Mobile Device Management (MDM) Tools:

If your business relies on mobile devices, consider using MDM tools to manage and secure them. MDM allows you to enforce security policies, remotely wipe devices, and monitor app usage.

  • Educate Your Team:

Train your employees on security best practices when using third-party apps. Emphasize the importance of recognizing phishing attempts, using strong passwords, and reporting suspicious activity promptly.


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How GAT Labs Can Help Secure Your Enterprise

At GAT Labs, we understand the intricate landscape of enterprise security and the unique challenges faced by Google Admins.

Our comprehensive suite of tools and solutions empowers Google Admins in several key ways:

  • Audit and Manage Third-Party Applications in Google Workspace

GAT Labs’ platform makes it effortless for you to create and maintain a comprehensive inventory of third-party applications. With real-time updates, you’ll always have an accurate view of your organization’s digital assets.

Within the Applications section of GAT+, you’ll find a comprehensive list of all third-party applications that users have installed or authorized using their Google Workspace accounts. 

Users grant these applications varying levels of access permissions from their Google accounts. This functionality allows administrators to view all applications that users have installed using their Google Workspace account and understand the permissions these applications require from end-user accounts.


  • App Risk Assessment

Our advanced monitoring capabilities empower Google Admins to keep a vigilant eye on third-party app activity. Detecting suspicious behavior in real-time is crucial for thwarting potential security threats before they escalate.

The ever-growing number of third-party apps available on the Google Workspace marketplace makes it increasingly challenging to track what your users (employees) install and connect to. However, that’s where GAT+ steps in with an application risk assessment, enabling you to assess whether a company has a valid reason for the privileges it’s been granted.


  • Implement Encryption and Strong Access Controls.

GAT Labs provides robust encryption and access control measures, ensuring that your data remains confidential and that only authorized users can access critical resources. 

Moreover, if your organization handles sensitive customer information, GAT Labs is your partner in implementing encryption protocols to safeguard this data from prying eyes and potential breaches.


  • Audit and Policy for Google Workspace apps

With GAT+, you can conduct audits and establish policies for additional apps running within your Google Workspace environment. 

Users enable API access when they install these third-party apps, granting them permission to access user data.


Closing Thoughts

In an era where data is a valuable asset, safeguarding it is not just a choice but a responsibility. Enterprises can thrive in the digital landscape by striking the right balance between innovation and security.

GAT Labs’ solutions go beyond being mere tools; they are your trusted partners in securing your enterprise’s digital infrastructure. We provide you with the visibility and control necessary to ensure the security of third-party app integrations, all while enabling your organization to harness the benefits of these apps without compromising on safety.


Ready to Fortify Your Organization’s Digital Defenses? Explore GAT Labs’ Comprehensive Solutions Today and Safeguard Your Enterprise from Third-Party App Risks. Take the First Step Toward a More Secure Future!


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