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GAT flow for Google Workspace

Automate your Google Workspace tasks & SAVE BIG on man-hours!​

Onboard, Offboard and BULK modify users securely with ease using automated workflows.

Hundreds of reports and bulk actions for Admins and Management.


Save time & reduce costs

Some of the most boring admin tasks just got a lot simpler! Avoid human mistakes while saving time and effort on repetitive user management tasks.

GAT Flow covers everything. From Classroom Managementwelcome emails and email signatures, to pre-loading files, pre-populating contacts, adding students and staff to groups and much more…

Each workflow can be built from additional action sets, which can be combined.

Every department in your school can have its own unique workflow, and every workflow can be fed individual user names or a list from a sheet.

Save the workflow to use again and again.


Unleash the power of automation

Need to onboard students and teachers to classrooms in bulk or to push a new signature template to all users, a new folder structure to all members of an OU, or update all accounts with a new contact?

Easy! — With the modify workflow function, you can do all that and more with a few clicks.

Save the workflow template to modify or reuse again.

Handle leavers with ease

Secure user offboarding

The GAT Flow Offboarding feature provides ease of handling leavers in your school or district.

All classrooms and contacts can be transferred to different users. Users can be deleted from groups. Mobile and ChromeOS devices can be wiped. Files and Calendar events can be transferred to a new owner —  so no information is lost.

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