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Focus on teaching, let Teacher Assist do the rest

Google Classroom management made easy with real-time student screen monitoring and Chrome browser management capabilities!

Hundreds of reports and bulk actions for Admins and Management.

google classroom management

Real-time student screen monitoring

With powerful real-time monitoring of students’ Chrome browser sessions, ‘Teacher Assist’ empowers teachers and Edu admins to manage their digital classrooms more easily.

Analyze and manage student’s screens while class is in session — Take quick actions when needed to refocus student’s attention and optimize their eLearning experience.


Teaching with no distractions!

Keep your digital classroom streamlined, focused, and save plenty of time and effort for other important tasks.

We understand how important robust monitoring and management capabilities are for schools, and how much time and effort they demand. 

With that in mind, Teacher Assist’s unique model is designed to help you:

  • Monitor students’ online activity in real-time.
  • Manage student’s screens in real-time (Open, Close & Push screens).
  • Review students’ browsing history.
  • Enable centralized tab inspection & blocking.
  • Automatically allocate teachers and students to their Google Classrooms.
  • Admins can build ad-hoc groups for teachers or principals to monitor.

Manage the classroom, from anywhere!

Real-time monitoring, analysis, and powerful management capabilities for student’s Chrome browser sessions and Google Classroom — Stay on top of crucial things 24/7, hassle-free.

Even with students participating in the classroom from home, Teacher Assist puts the teacher back in charge of the class.

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