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Do You Know How Your Files are Being Shared?

Google Drive is a widely used platform for storing digital files, allowing you to manage a variety of documents with ease.
However, does it offer sufficient security for your sensitive files when shared?

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File Sharing Risks You Should Know

Google Drive usage brings several internal security challenges:

Accidental Shares

of IT Admins report unintended file sharing
0 %

Employee Data Theft​

of departing employees take company data
0 %

Surviving Data Loss

of businesses don't survive severe data loss
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Privacy Issues

Companies face fines for data protection violations
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Google Drive External Sharing Dangers

01- Data Breaches

Sensitive information at risk with outside sharing.

02- Control Loss

Hard to track or revoke access once files are shared externally.

03- Compliance Issues

Risk of violations in regulated industries.

04-Phishing & Malware

External links exploited for cyber attacks.

05- Data Leakage

Sensitive info potentially leaking to competitors.

Google Drive Internal Sharing Dangers

01- Unintended Exposure

Risk of sharing sensitive data with the wrong internal parties.

02- Data Loss Risks

Losing data when employees leave without transferring file ownership.

03- Accidental Deletion

Important files at risk of being deleted.

04- Security Worries

Sharing files with unauthorized internal users.

Why Choosing GAT Labs?

Third-party tools like those offered by GAT Labs can help enhance security and compliance when sharing files in Google Drive.

We go beyond the limits of native Google Admin dashboards, providing you with an all-in-one solution to proactively and intuitively manage Google Drive permissions.

GAT+ Insights

Gain a complete view of Google Drive activities to enhance data security and control.

Complete Security Management

Gain access or change permissions on sensitive data while also performing bulk security tasks with GAT Unlock.

Audits of Sharing Permissions

Regularly review and analyze sharing settings to identify security gaps.

Swift Removal of External Collaborators

Revoke access swiftly to minimize data exposure.

Real-Time Data Protection

Establish real-time data loss prevention rules for sensitive data protection with GAT Shield.

Custom Real-Time Alerts

Set up alerts for real-time response to potential data security breaches.

Google Admin Console vs. GAT Labs Solutions


GAT Labs Solutions

Google Admin Console

Interactive dashboard displaying all shared files, public files, public with link and orphaned files
Domain-wide search for files shared with specific users or domains
Automatically send emails to your end-users notifying them of files with sensitive sharing permissions
Remove external sharing permissions for inactive files with granular controls over the files and users in scope
Apply sharing expiration periods with granular control over the files, users, sharing permission types or external domains in scope
Find and replace sharing permissions to reduce access level or easily update permissions to reflect organisational changes
Clear insights on individual user-sharing habits.
Audit externally owned files shared into your domain and option to create copies to take ownership
DLP Alerts and Share Removal for Files with Sensitive Information

Only available on Enterprise Plans

Domain-wide content search across all users MyDrive and Shared Drives
Silent Access to Content of Drive Files and Folders
Google Drive Productivity Report by User, Group or OU
Google Drive Top Internal Collaboration Pairs
Google Drive Top Internal Collaboration Pairs
Bulk File Ownership Change and Removal

Partially met with Enterprise Plans

Bulk File Permissions Change (Editors, Commenters, Contributors)

Partially met with Enterprise Plans

Ownership and permission changes for files owned by suspended users

Google admins need third-party tools to generate top-level audits and reports to manage the vast realm of Google Drive. That’s why GAT Labs' solutions empower administrators with clear insights and a simple way to manage permissions at scale, across the entire organization, in one place.

Discover the Future of
Google Drive Security

How much does GAT Suite cost?
We have 3 different pricing plans for Enterprise and Education, click the previous links to know more.

Yes, we offer a 15-day free trial for all domains, our main product GAT+ needs to be installed from the Google Market Place from a Google Admin account, fill the form to start installation.

You don’t need to be a developer to use the GAT Suite. While it is a the most comprehensive tool for Google Workspace it is also very easy to use. It can not only be used by Google Admins but also with our Delegated Auditor functionality you can delegate access to non-google admins.

We have 3 instances, one in the US, one in the UK and another one in Europe.