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Powerful User Management & Automation for Google Workspace

Automate your Google Workspace user onboarding and offboarding with workflows based on time or events. Save countless hours while enhancing your domain’s security!

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Efficient User Management for Your Organisation

We understand how repetitive user onboarding tasks can be, especially when mass onboarding multiple new hires across your organisation.

That’s why we created GAT Flow — your gateway to complete user onboarding automation with just a few clicks.

GAT Flow covers everything from welcome emails and email signatures to pre-loading files and pre-populating contacts. Save and reuse workflows repeatedly or delegate tasks directly to HR without needing IT team intervention – No Coding Skills Require

User Onboarding Automation

Each department in your organization can have its unique onboarding workflow. Feed individual user names or lists from a sheet into workflows, save them for reuse, or delegate them to HR to kickstart the onboarding process effortlessly.

Secure and Efficient User Offboarding

GAT Flow handles everything from deleting users from groups to transferring files and calendar events to new owners, ensuring no information is lost. Transfer contacts, wipe mobile and ChromeOS devices, and ensure top security with GAT Flow’s user offboarding workflows.


Bulk User Modification Made Simple

Simplify bulk user modification tasks such as signature management and calendar modifications. GAT Flow streamlines these processes, saving you time and effort.

Why Google Workspace Admins love GAT Flow:

  • ✔ Handle leavers easily and securely
  • ✔ Streamline user onboarding
  • ✔ Boost new hire retention
  • ✔ Save admin time and reduce costs
  • ✔ Minimize human error
  • ✔ Automate repetitive user management tasks

Dreaming About a Specific Feature?

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