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IT Management Software for Google Workspace

Manage, Control, and Secure your users, data and devices!

Assess and restrict access to cloud applications, create and automate security reports and policies, and alert on unusual behaviour.

  • Data Management & Auditing
  • ChromeOS Device Access Management
  • Automated On/Offboarding Workflows
  • Dangerous Activity Alerts (inc. regex. on files shared out, with revoke)
  • Automated Google Licence Assignment
  • Third Party Application Auditing and Blocking

The most comprehensive view across your entire Google Workspace environment.

Starting From €12 per user/year, Audit Software for Google Workspace. *Minimum charge of €500 per domain per year

Policies to Enforce Compliance

GAT+ provides domain-wide auditing of files, emails and much more using highly configurable filters, with output to screen and file.

Create and manage data protection policies to ensure seamless compliance with your corporate standards across your entire organisation.

User Management Automation

Copy folder trees and mailboxes from one user account to another. 

Change file permissions and ownership. 

Download emails for safekeeping or inspection.

 Manage user calendar access and much more…

With GAT Flow you can take productivity to new heights by automating user onboarding and offboarding tasks, and seamlessly modifying users’ data across your entire organization.

GAT Flow covers everything, from welcome emails and email signatures, to pre-loading files, pre-populating contacts and more. 

Each workflow can be built from additional action sets, which can be combined. 

You can also create a set of actions  to be taken every time a user is moved to a selected OU or group to simplify users’ internal administration processes.

Secure your Data

Data leakage can occur not only via email and document sharing, but also through the browser (via cut and paste into any other web page the user is logged into on their browser). 

That’s why detecting this dynamic flow of sensitive information is critical to ensuring proper compliance.

GAT Shield is designed to deliver just that, watching and alerting in real-time with GAT Unlock:

  • Real-time monitoring of all sensitive information being typed, copied or pasted.
  • Covers all Chrome browser-based activity.
  • Report on file loss via email attachment.
  • Designed to compliment Google Workspace DLP.

Secure Data Analysis Technology!

We operate to the highest security standards, procedures and ethics. As a company we highly respect your data privacy, and so do our tools.


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The leading Administration & Management tool in the Google Market Place.

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