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IT Management Software for Google Workspace​

Unmatched Control, Security
and Insight into Users, Data, and Devices.

Core Features:


Data Management & Auditing: Gain unparalleled insight into data flows and usage.


ChromeOS Device Access Management: Control access and usage of Chrome devices.


Automated On/Offboarding Workflows: Simplify user transitions with automated processes.


Automated Google Licence Assignment: Streamline license distribution for optimal utilization.


Third-Party Application Oversight: Audit and block third-party apps as necessary for heightened security.


Dangerous Activity Alerts: Stay vigilant with alerts on suspicious file-sharing activities, with capabilities to revoke access immediately.

IT Management

The most comprehensive view across your entire Google Workspace environment.

Starting From €12 per user/year, Audit Software for Google Workspace. *Minimum charge of €500 per domain per year
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GAT+ Policies to Enforce Compliance:

  • Domain-wide Auditing: Utilize GAT+’s extensive capabilities to audit files, emails, and more across your domain.

  • Robust Data Protection: Create and implement strong policies tailored for your organization’s needs.

  • Corporate Standards Adherence: Ensure that every aspect of data handling aligns with your organization’s corporate standards, safeguarding both reputation and data integrity.

  • Comprehensive Compliance: With GAT+, rest assured that compliance isn’t just met—it’s exceeded, providing peace of mind in a digital-first era.


User Management Automation with GAT Flow:

  • Effortless Data Transfer: Easily copy folder structures, mailboxes, and more between user accounts.

  • Permission & Ownership Controls: Modify file permissions and ownerships with ease.

  • Email Management: Backup emails for inspection or archiving, and manage user calendar access seamlessly.

  • Enhanced Productivity: From pre-loading files to automating welcome emails and signatures, GAT Flow optimizes user onboarding and offboarding tasks. Each workflow is customizable with additional action sets for maximal flexibility. Automate processes whenever a user joins an OU or group, streamlining internal administration.

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Secure Your Data with GAT Shield & GAT Unlock:

Data leaks can happen in various ways, from emails to web browser activities. Ensure unwavering data security and compliance with GAT Shield’s real-time monitoring capabilities.

  • Real-time Monitoring: Watch over all sensitive information being typed, copied, or pasted.

  • Browser-based Activity Oversight: Maintain a tight grip on Chrome browser activities.

  • Email Attachment Tracking: Receive reports on potential data leaks via email attachments.

  • Google Workspace DLP Integration: GAT Shield is tailored to enhance Google Workspace’s Data Loss Prevention features.

Trusted & Secure Data Analysis Technology!

We uphold the highest security standards and ethics in our operations. Your data privacy is of paramount importance to us, and our tools are designed with that ethos in mind.

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