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REAL Real-time Data Loss Prevention for Google Chrome

Protect your users and company data with the #1 Google Chrome DLP solution — Actionable insights, Regex DLP alert rules, and much more… 

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In a browser-based world of perpetual data sharing,
data loss and leakage are constant threats. 

GAT Shield gives you full DLP control over your Chrome environment for ALL users, and on ALL sites.

‘Shield up’ against those threats, and protect sensitive data better than ever.

Full-scale DLP for Google Chrome

Every Chrome-based activity your users take, GAT Shield covers. From typing any word or string of words, to downloads, site visits, chats, and much more…

GAT Shield spans not only Gmail and Drive, but all websites visited in the Chrome browser, bringing your DLP security out to the edge of the cloud.

Detect and protect sensitive data in Real-time

Set up your DLP alert rules to detect any sensitive data entered by users in Chrome, and take prompt action to protect it.

Drilldown with Regex DLP

Select your DLP Regex rules or build your own from scratch for granular data protection. These rules run in-situ on your infrastructure (our GAT servers never have to see the content).

Powerful SSN detection. Protect company credit card numbers and more…

Utmost Data Privacy

Choose to get alerts only (and not content) sent back to you.

If you need more detail, you can escalate to capture the violating string, the actual screenshot, or an image of the user performing the action.

Rich DLP Chrome reporting

GAT Shield not only ensures a 360° protective shield across your Chrome environment, it also illuminates in incredible detail.

Admins can choose to monitor users by Network, Users, and ChromeOS Devices.

User behaviour DLP alert rules

Get notified of suspicious user behaviour and define the protective actions to be taken on these alerts, including:

  • Display warning messages
  • Alert recipients
  • Close the browsing tab
  • Screen capture where the alert is triggered
  • Webcam capture

Location based DLP alerts

Select location bounds and get notified whenever a Shield instance is recorded outside of your specified location.

Chrome downloads alerts

Alert on file downloads of a particular type and enforce automatic deletion.

Manage downloads across all your 1:1 Chrome Devices with a few clicks.

Google Chrome DLP is an IT must as employees spend more time working in the Chrome browser.

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