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Cloud Security for Google Workspace

Top-Tier Protection for Your Cloud

Guard against threats, spot risks, and handle policy matters—all in one place
Data Management & Auditing: Superior control and oversight of your data.
ChromeOS Device Management: Ensure secure access across all devices.
Threat Detection: Get notified of risky actions, like unusual file sharing, and have the option to revoke access.
Third-Party App Oversight: Audit and block unsanctioned applications seamlessly.
Cloud security

The most all-encompassing view across your entire Google Workspace environment.

Starting From €12 per user/year, Audit Software for Google Workspace. *Minimum charge of €500 per domain per year
zero trust

Zero Trust Security

Go beyond the conventional with our continuous user identity verification.

While 2-step verification safeguards initial access, GAT ensures the ongoing authenticity of every user through unique typing patterns. 

Any discrepancies? Admins receive an immediate alert, equipped with a camera snapshot. If warranted, the session can be terminated, and the user logged out.

Experience the pioneering zero-trust solution tailored for Google Workspace, covering all authenticated sites in Chrome.
(Google Cloud Protect required for optimal functionality)


Achieve Unprecedented Cloud Security

Pairing with Google Cloud Identity, GAT provides unparalleled oversight and protection, irrespective of user location, even behind the firewall.

  • Risk Assessment: Collect insights on potential enterprise threats.

  • Dashboard: Centralized monitoring of all your security metrics and statistics.

  • Audit Delegation: Empower non-Google admins with specific audit privileges.

  • Compliance: Seamlessly track and rectify policy infringements.

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Automated Reporting

Reallocate your time to strategic endeavors.

Let our advanced reporting mechanisms cater to your cloud security, compliance, forensic, and audit needs.

Customize reports in alignment with your organization’s specifications and schedule them as per your auditing cycle.

Trusted & Secure Data Analysis Technology!

We uphold the highest security standards and ethics in our operations. Your data privacy is of paramount importance to us, and our tools are designed with that ethos in mind.

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