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Manage Multiple Google Workspace Accounts with GAT+

Enhance domain management for both your organisation and your clients, all from a single dashboard.

Google Workspace Multi-Tenancy Management

GAT+ is proud to introduce Multi-Tenancy Management, a revolutionary feature designed to transform how Google Workspace domains are managed.

Whether you’re overseeing your organisation’s domains or managing multiple client domains as a service provider, Multi-Tenancy Management delivers centralized control, superior security, and unparalleled efficiency.


Why choose Multi-Tenancy management with GAT?

Centralised Dashboard

Simplify your workflow by managing all your domains—or your clients’ domains—from one powerful dashboard.

Enhanced Collaboration

Empower your team or extend capabilities to your clients with granular control, ensuring everyone has the access they need.

Advanced Security

Experience peace of mind with secure domain access, tailored to protect both your and your clients’ data integrity.

How Does GAT Multi-Tenancy Management Works

Multi-Tenancy in GAT+ is a powerful tool that simplifies the management of Google Workspace domains, tailored for both Google admins within an organisation and partners managing client domains.

For Google Admins

  • – One tool: Access and control multiple domains through the same tool, making domain management simpler and more efficient.
  • – Security First: Enhanced security process ensure that your operations across all domains remain protected via our Security Officer approval process.

For Partners

– Direct Client Management: Manage your clients’ domains efficiently, offering a better and more secure support without the need to sign in to multiple accounts.

– Transparency and Trust: Establish trust with the most secure approval process for all management activities.

Would you like to see this feature in action?

Request a demo to see how you can leverage from our Multi-Tenancy Management functionality for Google Workspace domains. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your internal operations or expand your service offerings as a partner, we’re here to facilitate your success.