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Pricing Updates

December 6th, 2021

As of January 1st, 2022 we’re applying a small increase to the list price of our mid-tier plans only for Enterprise and Education as follows:

  1. The list price for the Admin Plan for Enterprise will increase from €$15 per user per year to €$18 per user per year.
  1. The list price for the Manage Plan for Education will increase from €$2.5 per user per year, to €$3 per user per year.

This price increase applies globally, whereby payment is made in USD for purchases made from the United States and Canada, and in EUR for all other countries (as per usual).

Since our introduction of GAT Flow in 2019, we’ve added dozens (if not hundreds) of new features, including Recurring WorkflowsEvent-Triggered WorkflowsGoogle Licence Assignment ActionCopying multiple Google Drive Folders to multiple Users — and many more!

To better reflect the value our customers get from our products and to keep on bringing more powerful features your way we’re applying this small price increase to our mid-tier plans.

If you’re currently on the Admin Plan for Enterprise or Manage Plan for Education you don’t need to do anything — We’ll notify you 6-5 weeks prior to your renewal date to see if you’re happy to continue with the service (as per usual).

These changes won’t impact your current contract or any renewal event prior to that date.

Renewals for 2021 confirmed before December 30, 2021, will be charged at the old price.

Feel free to email us at sales@generalaudittool.com to let us know if you wish to renew your subscription and have an invoice issued.