8 Google Classroom Insights that’ll Give You Superpowers

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In an era dominated by remote learning, where digital classrooms have taken the place of physical ones, Google Classroom has emerged as a powerful tool for K-12 educators. As we navigate this educational landscape, it’s essential to harness the Google Classroom insights it provides to optimize teaching and learning experiences.

Here are eight key insights that will empower educators and administrators to excel in the digital realm.

1. Attendance Beyond Borders

Attendance tracking is foundational for assessing student engagement. However, Google Classroom offers a richer perspective than traditional attendance sheets. Leverage tools like GAT Shield to monitor student connectivity and browsing behavior. With real-time Google Classroom insights into classroom access and active engagement, educators can gain a deeper understanding of student involvement.

The Attendance Spreadsheet feature within Teacher Assist provides both teachers and administrators with a convenient way to review and audit student attendance in their classrooms. Whether it’s tracking attendance for the day, week, or past weeks, this tool offers a straightforward view of students’ classroom activity.

2. Streamlined Audits for Admins

Administrators play a pivotal role in supporting educators. Simplify comprehensive classroom audits with tools like Classroom Insights. Easily access course details, from IDs to creators, and identify active courses. These Google Classroom insights empower administrators to tailor support and strategies for enhancing teaching quality and student experiences.

3. Real-Time Engagement Monitoring

Keeping students engaged is a perpetual challenge. Digital classrooms, however, enable real-time supervision of student screens. Teacher Assist facilitates screen time management, allowing educators to guide students’ focus by blocking distracting content and deploying relevant materials, fostering a more productive learning environment.

4. Grading Redefined

Google Classroom redefines the grading process. Instead of waiting for assignment submissions, utilize “make a copy for each student” for assignments. This approach provides educators with access to students’ work as they progress, enabling timely feedback that fosters a dynamic learning cycle and addresses challenges in real-time.

Furthermore, as artificial intelligence technologies continue to revolutionize various sectors, their influence is projected to grow by 37% annually until 2030, according to researchers. This transformative impact extends to education, where AI-based tools are gaining traction among both teachers and students.

To tackle this evolving landscape, we’ve developed a secure learning environment designed to oversee students’ remote work. Our innovative Taskmaster tool empowers educators to prevent cheating and ensure independent learning. This tool enhances the integrity of the educational process, adapting to the demands of modern education.

5. Effortless Class Roster Management

The Class Roster Chrome Extension streamlines organization. Created by Google Certified innovator Alice Keeler, this extension simplifies student roster management. From creating checklists to recording individual student data, educators gain enhanced visibility and organization within Google Classroom.

6. Reflective End-of-Year Cleanup

End-of-year cleanup isn’t just a chore; it’s an opportunity for insights. Reflect on the past year’s successes and challenges as you prepare for the future. Seek inspiration from experts like Kim Mattina, who offers tips for a productive cleanup that informs future planning.

7. Navigating Student Behavior

Managing student behavior remains a core aspect of education. Adapt Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms for effective behavioral insights. The Tech Advocate shares six strategies for maintaining positive behavior within the digital classroom, ensuring a conducive learning environment for all.

8. Bulk Management Made Easy

Streamline administrative tasks with automated solutions. Tools like GAT Flow eliminate the manual workload of creating Google Classrooms in bulk. Administrators can now effortlessly manage a district-wide deployment, saving time and focusing on strategic initiatives.


As you gear up for the new school year, apply these Google Classroom insights to elevate your Google Classroom experience. Stay current with Google Classroom’s latest updates by exploring Google’s Workspace Updates for 2023 and gain additional insights from Google for Education at ISTE 2023.

For an in-depth exploration of how GAT for Education can revolutionize your Google Classroom management, schedule a FREE demo with our experts or kickstart a 15-day free trial today.

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