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GAT Labs Health Check

Expert-Guided Security Assessment of Your Google Workspace Domain.

Improve your Google Workspace security with our GAT Labs Health Check. Our experts provide a comprehensive report identifying security and compliance risks, ensuring you're aware of your cloud environment's vulnerabilities at no cost.

Our Health Check goes beyond detection, offering actionable steps to mitigate identified risks. We provide you with strategies to enhance your system's security, protecting your data from potential threats.

Stay ahead of emerging threats with our insights, strengthening your Google Workspace. Our Health Check empowers you to streamline your digital operations, ensuring a secure and efficient cloud environment.

Key Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Domain Scanning

Experience advanced scanning with GAT+. Our tool surpasses the Admin Console, offering a full-domain audit for unmatched depth and coverage.

Discover the full extent of what we cover in our detailed scope.

Focused Risk Identification

Get a clear overview of your Google Workspace security with GAT+. We spotlight all risks, big and small, ensuring nothing is overlooked in your Google Drive and beyond.

Customised Actionable Insights

Benefit from tailor-made security recommendations. GAT+ aligns with your unique needs, enabling quick, precise enhancements to your security setup.

Ongoing Security and Vigilance

Enjoy lasting security improvements. With GAT+’s automated monitoring and regular reports, stay consistently ahead in safeguarding your Google Workspace.

How it Works



Complete our form and install GAT+ from the Google Workspace Marketplace with a Google Super Admin account to initiate your Health Check.



Provide the necessary permissions for a comprehensive scan. Our SOC2 compliance and Trust Report underscore our commitment to security.



Once GAT+ is set up, our technical team takes over. Your domain will be scanned for vulnerabilities while you focus on your core activities. As a guideline, we estimate 30 minutes per 1 million records.



A detailed report will be emailed to you after the scan. If you’d like, you can schedule a call with our experts to understand the findings and explore solutions together. We can also offer a 15-day free trial for you to explore on your own.



Discovered the benefits during your trial? Continue with a paid licence and we’ll support you in establishing alerts, implementing policies, and maintaining security with regular audits.


We are a SOC 2 accredited organisation and as a security company have implemented strict security controls. We do not store or process any of customer data beyond the metadata which is required to provide the service. Upon removal of GAT from your Workspace environment, all metadata will be purged within X days.

It depends on your number of users and the quantity of items we’re scanning. On average we scan approximately 1 million records per hour.

No, our Google Workspace Health Check is completely free.

If you would like to use Unlock or any of our other tools to remediate or maintain your security going forward you can purchase one of our annual or monthly plans. See pricing here.

Yes. We offer this service to customers once per year. We also reserve the right to remove or block access or this offer to any customer at our discretion.

Yes! We’re happy to provide you with a demonstration to help you navigate the product and we’ve also created this helpful knowledge base article to guide you through the process. You can always reach out to our support team at support@gatlabs.com for any questions or assistance you might need.

1. ChromeOS Devices Status
2. MDM: Enrollment status, Work profile?, Encrypted?, Passcode?

Group Management
1. Groups with External Members (and remediation)

User Management
1. Quota used for Drive, Gmail, Photos per user
2. Users with Admin roles
3. User authentication: 2FA enrollment, 2FA enforcement, Last Login, Password complexity, Password length
4. User login location heat map
5. Google Workspace Connected Apps Risk Score (and remediation)
6. Users with Forwarding and Email Delegation

Google Drive
1. User with the largest number of files shared out (detailed view on files and sharing collaboration)
2. External Domains Collaboration Documents
3. Shared Drives with External Users
4. Largest External Users Accessing your Domain Data (viewer, editor)
5. Top Internal/External Email Senders and Receivers
6. Calendar Owned Externally (and remediation)
7. User Gmail: Last IMAP access time + enabled/disabled