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Tree Charts in GAT Flow

Your Gateway to Organisational Clarity

Tree Chart

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A powerful solution for visualising and managing your organisation’s Google Workspace structure.

Tree Charts in GAT Flow enhances user management and team collaboration in a simple, integrated format. Ideal for quick onboarding and efficient team structuring, it’s the perfect tool for simple workspace administration.

Tailored for Google Workspace

Specifically designed for Google Workspace admins, GAT Flow Tree Charts offer a unique, in-depth perspective on organizational dynamics.

Visualize with Precision

Dive into a clear, hierarchical view of your organization’s structure. Effortlessly identify and manage user relationships and roles.

Intuitive Interface

Enjoy a user-friendly experience with a design that makes navigation and understanding straightforward.

Boost Collaboration

Foster better team alignment and collaboration. With easy visualization, connect team members and departments more effectively in Google Workspace.

Enhanced User Management

Simplify onboarding, modification, and offboarding processes. Tree Charts integrated with GAT Flow ensure a seamless, automated approach to user management tasks.

Transform Your Google Workspace Today

Discover how Tree Charts in GAT Flow can revolutionise your approach to Google Workspace Management.