Create, Modify or Delete a Single User’s Profile in GAT Flow

GAT Flow allows Google Workspace Admins to take actions on the users on their domain in bulk. The administrator of a domain can use the Users module within the tool to create a new user, modify the existing user’s profile details, and delete a user’s account.

To do so, navigate to the GAT Flow dashboard and select the Users tab.

screenshot of GAT Flow menu highlighting Users

In the Users tab:

  • use the ‘Create user‘ button to create/onboard a single user into the domain
  • use the ‘pencil’ icon on the right-hand side to edit the existing user’s profile
  • use the ‘x‘ symbol on the right-hand side to delete the existing user’s profile

Users screen highlighting option to create, modify or delete users

Create user #

An Admin can create a user’s profile and set up the General information and Password, as well as add:

  • Aliases
  • Phones
  • Addresses
  • Relations
  • External IDs

Screen highlighting all the options available when creating a user

  • Gender
  • Groups
  • Email Delegation
  • Email Signature
  • Custom Attributes

When all details are set up, Save button allows for finalizing the creation process.

Pop up screen after click save saying 'Adding a user is in progress, the process may take about a minute'

When the process is completed, a new user is created.

Pop up after saving is complete, saying 'User (their email address) - Creation completed'

Modify existing user #

Ad Admin can simply edit the details of the single user’s profile by searching for the user in question and modifying the details in their profile by clicking the pencil icon.

Screenshot highllighting searching for user to modify and ow to modify

When the necessary details are amended, click on Save button to complete the process.

Users details screen to modify their info

Refresh user data #

There is an option to “Refresh data” (scan now) as well. If any details are not up to date or any recent changes were made in the Google Workspace Admin console, the Refresh button will sync the data with the Google Admin console.

Refresh data button on top of the page to refressh users data from Google Admin console or any other edits.

Summary #

The Users tab in GAT Flow is designated for Administrators of the domain to be used as an alternative option for creating, editing, or deleting users of the domain.

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