What is a Security Officer?

The Security Officer in GAT+ is a user from your domain that is responsible for approving or denying the changes requested by the Admin.

The Security officer can be any user of the domain, it does not matter what G Suite privileges they have.

The Security officers are added and can be edited only by GAT team members.

This is part of the Unlock feature in GAT+.

When the Admin sends a request for any action that requires Security officer approval, an email will be sent to the officer.

The email will look similar to the screenshot below, depending on what is the request for.



Clicking on the link ‘click here’ will lead to the Security officer tab in GAT+.

By default selecting the link from the email will lead to the exact field from where the request can be approved or denied.

In each of the section, the Security officer just selects the request and approve or deny it.


File management will have the file permission changes required, Folder copy for copying folders, Grants is for view or downloading of files and emails. More information can be checked in the Dashboard section.


  • Only the GAT Labs Staff can enable Security Officers. Please contact us at unlock@generalaudittool.com for more information.
  • GAT Unlock is not activated during trials for security reasons.

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