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Google Workspace Security & Management:
GAT Labs vs. Netskope

Streamline security, simplify management, and empower users – all within your Google Workspace environment. Achieve this with GAT Labs, the specialist in Google Workspace security and management tool for IT Admins.

Trusted by Google Admins

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Optimize and Secure Your Google Workspace Environment

In the competitive landscape of enterprise IT management, the difference between good and exceptional is defined by the quality of tools at your disposal. For organizations leveraging Google Workspace, this distinction becomes even more pronounced.

Discover the enhanced power and security GAT Labs brings to your Google Workspace, outperforming Netskope with focused tools and simplified management.

GAT Labs
Core Offering
Specialized in Google Workspace management with a comprehensive suite for security, automation, and auditing.
Focussed on local area network, cloud services, and endpoint protection but with limited Workspace functionality.
Focus on Google
Dedicated tools designed for enhanced Google Workspace security and compliance.
Broad security focus, not specialized in Google Workspace.
Security Features
Advanced data analytics and endpoint monitoring/verification specific to Google Workspace.
General network security, cloud and on-premises data loss prevention, and endpoint monitoring.
High level of automation and control for Google Workspace administrators.
More generalized security solutions with limited automation for Google-specific administration, particularly for non-security-related activities.
Pricing Flexibility
Fully transparent pricing published publicly and tailored to the unique needs of Google Workspace customers.
Structured pricing tiers that are not published publicly, additional costs for features like DLP, encryption, and malware protection.
Complexity vs. Simplicity
Balance of comprehensive features with user-friendly management for Google Workspace.
Solutions that may introduce complexity due to the extensive range of security features that span multiple platforms.
Product Support
Free of-charge support and instructor-led training to customers subscribed to annual plans with the option to pay for additional training sessions
A free support tier is offered and also paid support tiers costing up to 25% of the license cost and instructor-led training is provided as a billable service

Effortless Google Workspace Security:
Why Admins Choose GAT Labs

Built for Google Workspace

Seamless integration and unmatched management for your Google Workspace environment. Reduce complexity and streamline workflows for effortless administration.

Effortless Security

Maintain tight security with powerful yet simple administrative tools. Focus on core tasks without getting bogged down in configuration complexities.

Focus on what matters

Prioritize data protection that’s made for Google Workspace, avoiding the extra hassle of generic security tools that don’t fit your needs.


Netskope offers a comprehensive security solution that extends beyond Google Workspace to encompass various cloud services and platforms.

Ideal for organizations seeking a wide-ranging security infrastructure across their entire IT landscape.

GAT Labs: Top-Rated Leader in Google Workspace Management

GAT Labs shines on G2 with a perfect 5.0 out of 5 rating, recognized as:

  • 2nd Easiest to Use in Office Software
  • 9th Easiest to Use in Cloud File Security

Customers experience the power of smart, secure, and comprehensive auditing and security solutions for Google Workspace and Chrome environments.

Go beyond management, secure your Google Workspace with a suite trusted by both educators and businesses.

Choose GAT Labs and ensure your Google Workspace is managed by the best in the business.

"Great Software that offers what Google should have already made!"
Embrace Simple Solutions for Easier Success

As a Google Admin, you juggle countless tasks – managing users, ensuring data security, and fostering a productive workspace. Streamline your security processes, enhancing both your efficiency and control, and free up valuable time with GAT Labs. 

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